Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cute gloves - No more cold hands at the keyboard :-) No fingertips

Type, text, email and tweet in comfort and style! I have bad circulation. My hands get icy cold while I'm typing at the computer and my "Mouse Hand" (sounds like something from a horror film, doesn't it?) has this problem most. My hand would start feeling like a claw. I could hear the words, "Carpal Tunnel" being whispered in my ear, and feel it tingling in my fingers....

So the doctor had me wearing a glove of some kind on that hand. They make some kind of 'therapeutic' gloves that had all the charm of a slice of buttered toast. Soon, I was buying cheap winter gloves in the store and chopping off the fingertips. They'd unravel and it would get messy.

But the important thing was that my hand would stay warmer and I would live to mouse and bend wire comfortably another day. People would make old jokes about Michael Jackson and his glove (remember??).

Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves by AsWeChange Great customer reviews, these are less likely to fray and need to be replaced as quickly as knit gloves are. If you are worried about appearance for some reason, place these under the cute knit gloves. This is what you need.

One thing I've learned after years is find out what works for you. Few if any of the gloves will last for that long. Knit products will need to be mended or recycled and replaced. Rubbing against a desk or mousepad, etc will cause friction and the gloves may fray. They're not generally that expensive and the benefits are very much worth it!

Fingerless gloves that are sometimes called Tabbisocks or Armwarmers, those that don't have shortened fingers still attached don't work as well for me. They may look fancier for going out, but for keeping warm and keeping the blood flowing while typing they do not do as well. Also, I don't like certain types of wool. Even though again, they may be very good quality and gorgeous, they're too rough and irritate my skin. They may get too hot.

Fingerless Gloves - Comes in several colors! (Black/Purple Stripes) Cute stripes and patterns, fun!

Texting Gloves Choose those with conductive yarn finger tips for iPhone, iPad and all touch screen devices Choose Color. These are popular right now!

Artists on Etsy offer a lot of what are called 'Fingerless gloves.' I was very excited. They're beautiful. "Use them at the computer!" I thought. Alas, they don't work for me. I needed some with the little individual fingers, fingertip-less. .... Try searching that!

I got some pairs for looks and some for when days are really bad and I need to get the work out. Regardless, I wear them all the time. The cutest ones are just darling and coworkers ask me about them. They keep you warm, and you feel like really glam at the computer as you're typing in your tags and your blogs and your.... Whatever it is you type in. The longer I can keep those hands and wrists happy the better I like it.

Anyway, since this was such a hard item for me to find, I wanted to let everyone know about it. Making something functional and helpful and pretty.

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  1. I am so happy to hear you like your new gloves! Typing is more fun when your hands are stylin'.

  2. What fantastic gloves! Being beautiful while staying warm--how great is that!

  3. Wonderful blog post about wonderful ShellMitchell!

  4. Shell makes so many great gloves! I love the colors of the ones you have pictured above :)


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