Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taste - Mmmmmm Yummy

When the last cat I had was somewhere around 17, I asked the vet if I could give him a little sushi, sashimi that I'd brought home as leftovers. She said OK. He was a pretty old guy, but relatively healthy and the fish was high quality. I cut a little bit up small and he devoured it. Well, this sushi-powered kitty went on to live to the age of 22 and he kept on getting sushi 'deliveries' until the last week of his life.

Now we have a couple of Siamese kittens. They've had their shots and they run around like maniacs if we eat leftover sushi at home. Recently we cut a couple tiny pieces to offer them. The older kitten made an operatic gagging sound and backed away! The little kitten, 6 months old, tried to cover it up, with invisible kitty litter!

The bigger kitten (just had his first birthday) we have to watch carefully because he's very attracted to cleaning products and he wants to lick and chew old photographs. We're getting baby locks on our cupboard doors.

To each his or her own, I guess. Taste. Literally. My husband used to love spicy foods and I didn't. It makes people interesting. Tastes change. Sometimes old favorites come around again. My mother used to warn me about following trends, latching onto anyone else's taste, and I try to decide what I like. I try to remember that in my jewelry designs.

Not long ago I was grocery shopping with one of my friends. I put something in my cart, and my friend wrinkled her nose & said, sort of like my kitten, 'Bleeech!" At least she knows what she likes.


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