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Knit with Joan Crawford Star Inspiration

Knitting with the stars

Do you share a hobby with a favorite celebrity? I'd like to put a photo of a favorite person or character on a bag I take when I'm traveling, when we're making jewelry at a friend's house, taking photos, whatever we're doing. It's the cross-collectible route and a real conversation piece.

This is something I thought of for a close friend who knits and loves classic movies. She brings her yarn, needles, her tablet (computer :)) and other accessories with her when on the go. I could add her name or a movie quote that I know she likes.... Her very favorite actress is Joan Crawford.

"Her lovely pink-and-white afghan is an Alice Maynard design and the Alice Maynard shop is one of the oldest and most exclusive needlework shops in New York, with some of the most beautiful designs you've ever seen, not only in knitted and crocheted items, but in needlepoint and crewel as well. The shop is located on Madison Avenue which is loaded with elegant and expensive shops...."

Joan Crawford 1970s knits Tee Shirts
Joan Crawford 1970s knits Tee Shirts by Jakestuff
Design your own tee shirt online at Zazzle
*White shirts will show the true color of the image.
You may get a hint of color showing through
here and there if you choose something else.

"... Women who love fine needlework are the same friendly and helpful souls the world over, whether they are in sophisticated New York or casual Kansas. A charming Cuban lady, Miss Otilia Ruz, worked out the instructions for Joan Crawford's afghan, so we could bring them to you."
-- excerpts from Lady's Circle article, cover image on items

Newspaper feature Fan knits sweater for Joan Crawford 1937
The Evening Independent, December 16, 1937
A fan of Joan Crawford's decided to make "the young actress a sweater. Her plan was to knit 1000 stitches for every picture Miss Crawford made. The sweater required 26,000 stitches so, after seeing The Bride Wore Red last week, Miss Violet put on the last 1000 stitches and sent the garment."

"The main attraction here [Alice Maynard Yarn Shop] unquestionably is Otilia Ruz, resident at Maynard since she emigrated from Cuba in 1968. Otilia is reputed to be New York's best knitting instructor. 

"She is delightful and patient. (These are not qualities, alas, among the instructors who work out of local yarn shops. Many other store teachers - and sometimes sales staff - have reputations for gruffness and impatience.) She provides custom pattern instructions for suits, her specialty, or any other knitted garment." ... 
-- excerpt from New York Magazine January 26, 1981 

Joan Crawford signed personal letter on stationary 1971
A reassuring note

More tips from Ms. Crawford via the Lady's Circle Magazine....

"Joan has often told me she cannot understand women who rule out any experience or emotion likely to bring wrinkles. 'That isn't for me! I don't want to look as if I'd been punished by life, but I do want to look as if I'd lived.'

"She repeats this thinking in her book, The Way I Live (a.k.a. My Way of Life), Joan Crawford writing: 'All my nostalgia is for tomorrow, not for any yesterdays...There's nothing I regret or would change. If it hadn't been for the pain I wouldn't be me. I like very much being me.'"

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You'll find some mention of Lady's Circle Magazine aka Ladies Circle in the interesting book, Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine: A History of Star Makers, Fabricators ... by Anthony Slide

You'll occasionally see Joan Crawford magazines on sale on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere. Check locally, you may be able to find them at your library or a shop or sale in town. 

Think about knitting your favorite guy a striped sweater. All the cool guys are wearing them.
James Bond 007 Sean Connery 8x10 Photo in striped sweater

Johnny Depp 8x10 Photo torn jeans red sweater #1

Robert Englund "Freddy Krueger" has a Signed Sweater

Nirvana Autographed Signed Kurt Cobain Red Sweater Poster

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