Saturday, April 11, 2009

Same Name Game: Mint Mocha....

Time again for the Etsy Item Same Name Game. This one is so close and so fun that I can't resist. My necklace is Mint Mocha Swirl. The other item is from Bubblescum's shop and called Mint Mocha Delight.

This soap is not only pretty and I believe that with the ingredients listed would smell fantastic, but it will have a lot of qualities to make a body feel good, too. Mint soap can be good for hot flashes. I learned that recently. Don't ask when, how, why, etc because I'm not telling!

I've heard of scented embroidery floss, but my necklace has no scent to it. Oh well. I hope you can still see my inspiration, which was mint flavored ice cream with fudge swirl running through it.


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