Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top Fifteen places to wear antlers this holiday season, Reindeer Cars

The Top Fifteen Places to Wear Reindeer Antlers during the Holiday Season

Here are fifteen of the many good places, in no particular order, where you may want to wear your reindeer antlers. A pair of antlers could put you over the top to win in that annual Ugly Christmas Sweater competition, too!

15) On stage in a holiday show such as an orchestra performance [Santa's Favorite Reindeer Antlers Hat ]

14) Working in a restaurant, cafe, food truck, having a holiday bake sale

13) Volunteering at a hospital or shelter, serving meals

Candy Cane Antler Headband

 12) Shopping, find each another in the mall!

11) While wrapping and/or Decorating

10) Office party, Potluck, Christmas parites, Cookie Exchange

9) School or other holiday parade

8) Working at Day care, Child care facilities

Antler headband fits both adults and kids

7) Airport to pick someone up, on a plane

6) Business promotional events, YouTube videos, attention getting

5) Christmas/holiday photos for cards

4) Making videos for grandparents, distant relatives

3) Going to pick out a Christmas tree

2) Delivering Presents, Toys to the toy drive

1) Christmas Day
Your own Reindeer Sleigh!

Don't forget that your vehicle would also like to be decked out! Having a Reindeer Car is in keeping with the spirit, but it also helps you to find your festive car in the parking lot when you have tired feet!

There are so many types of antlers to choose from. Don't limit yourself and don't think that you have nowhere and no reason to wear them. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Royal Wedding William & Kate Costumes Prince Charming Cinderella Great Couples Costumes

Let your husband or significant other know that he's your Prince Charming.

Before the royal wedding of William and Kate was even over, wedding dress designers were hard at work analyzing Kate's dress, coming up with their own versions to get out to the dress buying public ASAP. 

Would women want sleeves like Kate's or would they prefer a little lace jacket they could put on and take off? Every detail was scrutinized.

Now we can dress like the royal couple even if we're not about to get married ourselves. Halloween or any fancy dress occasion allows the costume industry as well to make attractive and affordable costume versions of the couple's wedding attire. So fun!

You'll find the latest Kate and William Adult Royal Wedding Costumes on my page of Prince Charming / Ken Doll / Prom Date Costumes. Also included you'll find the highly sought after Knight in Shining Armor. 

So often the princess costume, the women's costumes are really easy to come by, easy to create. But how about the guys? Our husbands and boyfriends want to look good. They want easy and good-looking costumes. What better than Prince Charming?! 

The Prince Charming jackets seem to be white or blue, as depicted in the Cinderella movie and/or as worn by the character at Disney Land. How do you visualize Prince Charming??

If you're into it, there are some great Zombie and Goth Prom Date versions. Tim Burton would probably approve.

In On Golden Pond when Katharine Hepburn plays the wife of Henry Fonda. She tells him that he is still her knight in shining armor? That's a terrific movie.

There must be some planet where all guys' Prom date tuxes are powder blue. Several of the costume Prom Date tux jackets are blue. You could get together and form some kind of band. An alternate Blue Man Group?

Prom King Zombie AdultEven the Zombie Prom King is in a pastel blue tux. That's the uniform, un-dead or not.

So maybe you've been married for decades and are looking for a couples costume to bring some spark back to your relationship, a costume that your spouse won't hate! Or could be you've actually got a date for a Halloween party and you want a Killer costume combination so he'll thank you for your idea and will be sure to save that last dance for you.

Dress your man up fine this Halloween or for the next fancy dress party on your agenda as your date, your Prince Charming, Prince William, Ken to your Barbie, the perfect Prom Date or your Knight in Shining Armor.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sherlock Holmes Costumes : Where's Watson??

In this time of forensic evidence and CSI, it's refreshing to note that people still remember and love the old classic iconic detectives. I have some costume pages, among them, one is devoted to Sherlock Holmes.

I'd been able to find Sherlock Holmes Costumes for men, women, children, pets and even a little Sherlock pacifier for babies! What eluded me was finding the Dr. Watson costume. It was there but I'd missed it.

Sherlock Holmes Regency Collection Men's Costume (above)

Now I have a Dr. Watson costume on my page. It is on Clearance Sale! Not available in many sizes but it will give you some ideas.

Also a lot of the cool Steampunk Costumes out now would work really well for Dr. Watson.

Take a look if you'd like to be Holmes and Watson this year.

Maybe this Halloween, Sherlock could also be accompanied by his long-lost cousin, Mike Holmes, of HGTV's Holmes on Homes? Choose your favorite coveralls and toolbelt, a hardhat or better yet, a real safe Cowboy hard hat.

Study English, Fight Moriarty shirt
Browse other t-shirt designs made on Zazzle

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crafts San Jose : Button Crafts : A Work of Heart

Is there someone who really knows how to push your buttons?? They say the reason our Mom knows how is because she's the one who sewed them on in the first place.

I'm a big button fanatic and am looking forward to visiting A Work of Heart. 

If you can't make it to the workshop, Button Bracelet Jewelry Kits are available online. There are many ways to make the bracelets. The Charm Bracelet Jewelry Kit incorporates Mother of Pearl buttons. The Precious Pearls Necklace Bracelet Comboat top is inspirational. It's by Grandmother's Buttons.

Try a book on Making Button Jewelry, there's a lot of variety available. Button Jewelry & Accessories: 22 Unique Projects has been on my shelf for years. It covers accessories, too including statement rings. Pretty cool that it's out in a version for Kindle e-readers now.

A Work of Heart has week-long kids' camps over the summer months. Check to see which camps still have spots available and what your children may like. There's even one for creative writing. You'll see some of them listed on our Non-traditional camps in the bay area page.

They're located at 2196 Lincoln Ave. across the street from the Senior Center, just north of Elva's Coffee Shop.

Any artist or crafter will appreciate their blog which is beautiful and informative, definitely worth a click.

The shop is closed in early July so get in there and have fun while you can. After that, check out the variety of hot and exciting arts and crafts that are offered.

Buttons are symbolic, they're nostalgic and they're very green and eco-friendly to use in craft and art. Upcycle buttons from your family's clothes. Mother's coat. The kids' old baby clothes. Can you make a cha-cha bracelet from buttons. I sure hope so!

Monday, June 20, 2011

BreastFest : Beer Festival : 11th Annual San Francisco Beer Tasting

The 11th Annual BreastFest Beer Festival happens in San Francisco on July 2nd.

BreastFest is a breast cancer brewfest. More than 60 breweries are represented with unlimited tastings!

The event is 5-9pm, but Happy Hour is 4-5pm. Purchase a VIP pass for an additional $10 and receive that special VIP entrance at 4:00pm.

Enjoy a variety of great food as well as a a choice of non-alcoholic beverages. There'll be live music and raffle prizes. come early, have fun and show your support.
Get your commemorative glass!

The Breast Fest is a benefit the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic.

Breast Cancer Charity Art Bras : Bra Art Raising Money for Breast Cancer Research

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon iPhone Cases
Pink Ribbon Cases, Covers & Faceplates for your Apple iPhone 3G or 4G, 3 or 4

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Imaginary Invalid : Live Theatre : Glam Rock : San Jose Theater

"Argan, an aging rocker, has everything - wealth, two lovely daughters, a beautiful second wife... and a bevy of imagined illnesses. 

"Engaging several doctors to prescribe medications and treatments for his supposed afflictions, Argan resents the mounting cost of his therapy, constantly looking for a way to save money." 
-- From the Shady Shakespeare web site.

Argan is the bespectacled and befuddled hypochondriac anchor character around whom all of the action occurs. The lovers scheme to be together, the other eccentric characters - good guys and bad guys and guys who'll make you go, hmmmm - thrive.

"It infuriates me to be wrong when I know I'm right." --  Moliere

In this version of his 17th century comedy, baroque meets glam rock. The two styles intermingle in set design, music and definitely in the very luscious costumes.

I knew if I waited long enough the 1970s would be hot again. We have enduring hit shows (coming in multiple permutations) such as Mama Mia by Abba, the adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Better still do you ever watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels? Can you imagine a glitter rock version of the second series of Blackadder?

"The duty of comedy," Moliere once said, "is to correct men by amusing them."

 Mr. Diaforious (David Toda), Argan (Chuck Phelps) and Thomas (Christopher Mitchell)

Can't get enough talk of doctors and health care? You'll find some very clever and surprisingly timely discourse coming from back in the 1660s. There's some potty humor and some parts of the show are slightly risque. It all flows deliciously.

You don't have to be a baby boomer to enjoy this production, but those of us who are of a certain age will just eat it up. ;)

** Whatever you do, be sure to stay until the very end. You won't be disappointed. This is a great and budget-friendly night out that you'll enjoy and remember.

The show is at the Historic Hoover Theatre in San Jose CA and runs through July 2nd.

Doll Piccotto as Toinette the maid with Chuck Phelps as Argan

This show is over. Tickets to their current shows may be available at the Shady Shakespeare site.

"Get your tickets while they last."
Moliere probably said this, perhaps in French

This is his final play. During one of the very first productions in 1673, the playwright, who was also an actor, was playing the role of the hypochondriac, Argan in his own production. 

Moliere became ill during the show but managed to carry on until the end of the play. He collapsed and died hours after the play concluded.

Inside Information:
For fun, bring your Mustache on a Stick, wear your Mustache necklace and/or your FingerStache temporary Mustache Finger Tattoo to the show. 

Loyalty and good taste forbids me from saying anything beyond the fact that you may very well be glad you had them with you! A little audience participation can be fun, too.

Fingerstache Tattoo Pack

Fingerstache Tattoo Pack

Shady Shakespeare offers two Shakespeare camps over the summer. Be sure to check them out.

Top left Image is Chuck Phelps as Argan and Angie Higgins as his wife, Beline

Play images used by permission

Information about Moliere's last show from The Cambridge Guide to Theatre, 1995, Cambridge University Press

Friday, June 17, 2011

Platform Shoes : Shoe History : Disco Party : 1970s Fashion : Halloween Costumes

The Heights of Fashion: Platform Shoes Then and Now. The Mint Museum in Charles, MO has a show through July third focusing on platform shoes. No discussion of 1970s fashion is complete without a look at the shoes of the era.

In the 70s, we wore platform shoes and they're popular once again. Seventies style in general is trendy in a big way.

Platform Shoes: A Big Step in Fashion
Over 300 eye-popping, platform shoe styles, shown in color photographs, demonstrate the creative spirit in shoe design.

These shoes span the globe & the decades and include snakeskin, fur, glitter, colored leather, woven raffia and fabric materials. ...  Some are practical, others simply outrageous. The book includes estimated values. -- info from Amazon

"Elevated shoes have appeared for centuries in cultures around the world. In Ancient Greece, actors wore thick-soled shoes to heighten their stature before their audience." -- From The Mint Site

The Steve Madden Women's Whisper Wedge Sandal, Leopard (available in multiple sizes), is the perfect 2011 platform wedge. 1970s meets 2010s. See leopard at top of page.

Thanks to our present-day love affair with the little white dress, the neutral shoe is a must. Here's something that shows your appreciation that the exotic animal print is the most chic and wild of the neutrals.

Madden and other designers also offer wedge sandals in bone such as Steve Madden's West II Wedge Sandal in natural raffia. Brown, nude and other shades  complement your summer outfits, too.

Alejandro Ingelmo Platforms are hot. Dress them up or down. Each season the designer comes up with a version of his popular platform sandal, the one above, dubbed the Thriller Sandal. You don't have to book a trip to New York City to get a pair of his shoes.

The Jessica Simpson Women's Bendie Sandals are popular wedge platforms with a slingback for a modern design. They come in lots of color combinations.

Some have a colorblock design to lengthen the look of your legs and bring that extra pop to your outfit. Great price, too.

Fast to sell out but fun to browse through are the latest in the selection of platform designs by Sole Boutique. icon

Riding Motorcycle in Platform Heel Shoes

Another popular book at the show is the fun and historical Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & more.

Unfortunately the show has closed.

Do you have any of your old platform shoes, a la your Saturday Night Fever days still in your closet? Platform shoes for men are hot, too! This DVD version of the film is the Saturday Night Fever : 30th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition.

Men's Monster Black Shoes

Men's Monster Black Shoes for Frankenstein Friday?

Whether you are a dancing machine with a penchant for leisure suits or are a polished pimp bringing back the all-but-forgotten days of disco, these men's costume shoes are sure to complete your adult costume.

These Men's Pimp Shoes have a 3 1/2" heel and a lace-up front. Bring out the animal in you and choose from cheetah fur or zebra fur platform shoes to add the perfect finishing touch to your adult pimp costume.

Having a party with a 70s theme? Maybe you're just enjoying the seventies resurgence of 2011?! Live it up in these Funtasma by Pleaser Men's Platform Disco Shoes. These come in several sizes, colors and styles. (right)

Get your boogie on, ladies and gentlemen.

How much do you know about the Tall Boots that Elton John wore in Tommy the Rock Opera by The Who??