Monday, April 6, 2009

Post-Its, Yellow Trends, Color

I read somewhere that today, April 6th, is the day Post-It Notes were officially launched in the US in 1980? Something like that? Now I feel old. I remember my first encounter with Post-Its in my first office job. We oooohed and aaaaaahed over them. "You mean you don't need paper clips or staples?" "They don't leave a mark on the paper like tape?!" "Oh man, I think I'd better sit down!" "Are you sure it's okay for kids to use them?!" "Maybe I should take the rest of the day off. This is far too exhilerating...." Okay, I didn't get any time off because of the newfangled Post-It Notes, but they were pretty unusual back 'in the day.' Now we use them all the time. I don't know the color is really unique to the product, but I've been overheard to say, "Post-It Note Yellow." Do they have a particular shade of yellow?

I believe that Pantone has decreed that Mimosa Yellow is The color of 2009. So a Mimosa is a drink mixing orange juice and champagne. The result is a color named Mimosa Yellow. (Any other result, I guess, depends on how many Mimosas we're talking about.) The design world has taken note. Some fashionistas, interior designers and jewelry designers are taking a second look at the color yellow as it's hot right now.

In some cultures, yellow is the color of royalty or deities. It may symbolize wisdom, clarity or high self-esteem. And you can't deny that it suggests new beginnings, sunshine and cheerfulness. I won't even get into the debate about whether or not blondes have more fun.

There are a number of yellow gemstones to choose from. I love color and have some pieces using citrine, which comes in different shades of yellow/gold. Sapphire also comes in yellow, as does topaz, tourmaline, garnet and amber. In this day of mixing colors and mixing metals, jewelry designers have a lot of options when it comes to using these colored gemstones. There are so many amazing cuts of gems and gemstone beads out there. This will be a great year to keep our eyes open for some beautiful pieces incorporating yellow gems and beads, be they 'Post-It' yellow, Mimosa yellow, or any other shade.

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