Monday, April 20, 2009

Betty Pepper, Jewelry Design, Upcycling

Betty Pepper is described on her web site as "a textile / jewellery designer maker. In her effort to find that elusive something which makes an object desirable and multitalented artist and jewelry designer, and I have enjoyed somewhat magical she explores different media and techniques in both two and three-dimensions." I've been interested in her work for years. She's a wonderful artist and just right to share in my blog around Earth Day.

Her pieces are alive with stories behind them, personalities, histories to the varied materials, including textiles and paper. Her art is multidimensional and will no doubt capture your attention. What's there already and what may be created with what others might not see in the materials?

On her site, she shares some of her ideas on how and why she chooses the materials that she works with are very interesting and offer fascinating insight into the design process.

"Books are interesting to Betty in that, irrespective of the text within them, they tell stories. They carry inscriptions, scents and tell the tale of how they have been treated, or mistreated. Betty calls the books orphans and she finds them in charity shops already carrying their own secret stories, looking for new homes."

Her work can be seen in an exhibit called Without Color through the end of June at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds, UK. As well as creating her artwork, she also lectures and runs workshops.

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