Friday, April 3, 2009

Check out our calendar

We've been keeping a little Calendar of Events on our ImagineMDD Etsy site, one to four things that we find out are coming up or happening on any given day.

It's usually something artsy, a gallery show or a recycled fashion show, some kind of demo, reading, concert or lecture. Sometimes it's someone's birthday. Maybe someplace is looking for artists to submit work. I like to add some pieces that veer into the lighter side of life when I find them particularly if they allow people to explore their creativity.

For example, The Online Tom Jones Impersonation Contest by the Left Coast Eisteddfod Tom Jones Impersonators is going on through mid-August
Maybe you've been denying the urge to jump in front of a video camera and belt out, "Forgive me, Delilah"? Well now's your chance!

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  1. Hi. I like "handcrafted" for my soaps. Don't know why. It just fits.


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