Sunday, April 12, 2009

OUCH! It's a disability thing, BBC UK podcast

I'm a real fan of a bunch of podcasts. I listen to them over some cheap speakers during the day while I'm working on my jewelry, for instance. One show I found from the BBC is a favorite. The show is Ouch! Their tag line is, "It's a disability thing." I have not found another podcast like it originating from any country and would love to hear of others.

It's part comedy, part information, biography, quiz (Vegetable, vegetable or vegetable?). It's hard to categorize. But it's fantastic. Their web site, where you can read regular blogs, interviews and features and participate in discussions, is definitely worth a visit as well.You can get a fix of fashion info and experience, too which I like as that's an interest of mine, being in the jewelry biz.

Recently on Ouch!, I heard an interview with a woman in a wheelchair. She's a regular character on a British soap opera. I wonder if the UK may be ahead of the US in having a more realistic portrayal of the population on their programs? There's Britiain's Missing Top Model for starters.

It's definitely worth a look and a listen. The hosts of the radio show (available on podcast) are funny and it's really informative.

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