Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rocking Motorcycles Inspired by Harley Davidson Bikes

Hugh Laurie of House, M.D. and A Bit of Fry and Laurie is said to be mad about his motorcycle. We have friends who love to ride their bikes.

While I've seen rocking horses and other rocking animal toys, I was gobsmacked to see that there was a wild assortment of rocking motorcycle toys for kids!

Rocking Motorcycle such as the

Some are modeled after famous motorbikes such as those from Harley Davidson and some are pink for the Barbie fan, girly girls out there. There's even a rocking golf cart.

Your kids will love play that sparks their imaginations. Here's something which is fun and incorporates physical activity. You don't have to insert any quarters or batteries. It's all kid-powered.

Want to dress like Paul Teutul Sr. of American Chopper for Halloween, a party or every day?? Find tps to put together a look like Paul Senior.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vintage Sparking Spinner Friction Toys

In my vintage toy series of web pages, I chose another old toy of a hundred names. It's still around today, often used as a promotional or holiday item. You may remember it as a sparkling wheel noisemaker toy. 

I'm looking for more information and for people's personal memories of the toy. You can find a lot of terrific old versions of this toy on eBay and similar auction sites.

You push plunger and usually a colorful wheel will turn around. When a striker wheel touches the flint, sparks are created. Some sort of whirring sound is emitted. There are a number of variations. Valuable old versions of the toy are still in existence today.

Some old Mickey Mouse and Popeye tin versions are still around. You can find some antique early figural versions from Germany which are funny and quite amazing. 

A rare German so-called Grandma toy with sparks that come out of her mouth sometimes comes up for auction.

They may or may not operate a little differently and that makes them all the more valuable and collectible. The fact that they've been used a lot by adults and kids, are often cross-collectible, and probably thought of as disposable over the years makes the older ones harder to come by.

In the 1950s, bicycle siren toys made by Fire Chief were created in virtually the same fashion.

A close cousin of the toys are Spinners, which spin around and open up like the petals of the tulip to expose some kind of figure inside. The most famous are holiday spinners shaped like Christmas trees. They'd open to expose a miniature Santa Claus. An Easter version may be an egg that opened to show a little chick.

Some vintage tin Halloween noisemakers were made in this style. The fact that they lit up and shot out sparks made them even more desirable.

These days, plastic versions of the toy abound. Fast food chains often place them in their kids' meals to promote films such as Star Wars.

Do you remember any of these toys?  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That was SOME Party! Funny T-shirt warns others of your mood

Maybe not technically a gargoyle but when I saw this guy, gargoyle is what I thought. Getting a funny shirt or iPad case might take the edge off of your hangover, you never know. It might speak for you, when you'd rather not talk through a pounding headache.

Or maybe it was one of those parties spent debating the economy and the stimulus package with some relatives from the red states? Laryngitis?

Crooked gargoyle says: That was some party shirt

Crooked and angry, he looked like he'd survived a wild party and wanted to talk about it. Or yell about it maybe. Put your own name and message on the case. The back of the shirt? Oh boy. It's your party now.
Crooked Angry Ghostly Gargoyle speckcase

Sure the house with this gargoyle was kind of spooky. The doorknob had been stolen! This guy had seen a lot and, being askew, off-center and no doubt uncomfortable, he suffered from hanging on the house rage.

Crooked gargoyle says: That was some party shirt

So if this is your condition, your syndrome, consider letting a funny t-shirt or iPad case express your emotions to the world for you. You can zone out in your mind. Yes, the shirt's available in long sleeves and as a hoodie for these cold winter days! Wishing you laughter as one of the best medicines.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wedding Planning: Unique Designer Bridesmaid Dresses, Accessories to set your wedding apart

Did you see the funny Katherine Heigl film, 27 Dresses about the woman with the closet full of old bridesmaid's dresses?

Traditionally, bridesmaids' dresses Crystal bridal bling is hot for every aspect of the wedding.
Stay on budget, youthful
and fun with a dress or
separates by Flying Tomato
get a really bad rap. Wedding season is coming up.

Personalization, making your event right for you is best. There are alternate rituals for weddings and other milestone events becoming more and more popular.

Are you planning a wedding and looking for different and pretty bridesmaids' dresses?

Lindy Bop Audrey Hepburn Style Rockabilly Swing Evening Dress The Lindy Bop 1950s inspired dresses are popular with all age groups. Order early for best results. The blue with white polka dots is just one of many styles you can choose from to dress up or down, something they'll wear again.. (below)
For my wedding, the bridesmaids did not wear matching dresses. We went with a color scheme. Think about people's possible budget restrictions and your own time situation if there is one.

Take advantage of all the inspirational ideas around us when it comes to planning a wedding. Does your favorite song or movie give you an idea?

Check out ideas to help the bride and groom customize their day. Wedding fashion, hair and food tips and ideas from TV Challenge shows.

Please note: The items listed may be sold, shops may no longer be in business.