Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top Fifteen places to wear antlers this holiday season, Reindeer Cars

The Top Fifteen Places to Wear Reindeer Antlers during the Holiday Season

Here are fifteen of the many good places, in no particular order, where you may want to wear your reindeer antlers. A pair of antlers could put you over the top to win in that annual Ugly Christmas Sweater competition, too!

15) On stage in a holiday show such as an orchestra performance [Santa's Favorite Reindeer Antlers Hat ]

14) Working in a restaurant, cafe, food truck, having a holiday bake sale

13) Volunteering at a hospital or shelter, serving meals

Candy Cane Antler Headband

 12) Shopping, find each another in the mall!

11) While wrapping and/or Decorating

10) Office party, Potluck, Christmas parites, Cookie Exchange

9) School or other holiday parade

8) Working at Day care, Child care facilities

Antler headband fits both adults and kids

7) Airport to pick someone up, on a plane

6) Business promotional events, YouTube videos, attention getting

5) Christmas/holiday photos for cards

4) Making videos for grandparents, distant relatives

3) Going to pick out a Christmas tree

2) Delivering Presents, Toys to the toy drive

1) Christmas Day
Your own Reindeer Sleigh!

Don't forget that your vehicle would also like to be decked out! Having a Reindeer Car is in keeping with the spirit, but it also helps you to find your festive car in the parking lot when you have tired feet!

There are so many types of antlers to choose from. Don't limit yourself and don't think that you have nowhere and no reason to wear them.