Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Large Stoneware Beads, On Trend, Spirals, Etsy

Have you ever been watching television and a commercial comes on for something you're doing or using right then? A Pepsi commercial comes on and you're actually drinking a Diet Pepsi? You're sitting on that company's sofa? Something like that? It can be an odd feeling.

This week I've been working on some new necklaces and I got an email talking about New Trends in Beading. I could not believe that one of the trends they talked about was big stoneware beads. I am working on a piece featuring just such a bead. I have never been 'on trend.'

The beads they're talking about in the article are gorgeous. I have some that are similar that I got from Lisa Peters on Etsy and I've been looking forward to using them. Her work is fantastic.

I first discovered Lisa's work at one of my favorite bead shows, BABE, The Bay Area Bead Extravaganza in Oakland, California. I purchased some of her pieces through Allene's Beads. They offer items from American and European self-representing glass and clay bead and pendant artists. To walk up to Allene's table at a bead show is kind of like Christmas morning for a beader/jewelry designer like myself. Her variety and quality of work is astounding, and she is delightful to talk with. Lisa Peters was one of the artists whose work I bought from Allene. I've added a photo, too of some of Marsha Neal's pendants.

I was happy to find Lisa Peters was selling on Etsy. So her work is officially on trend now. :-) One of the many reasons that I was attracted to Lisa's work is the color and pattern that she uses.

I'm going to be working a lot with symbolism in the near future. I'll be using a lot of spirals for instance and she has some beautiful, organic spirals. One of my favorite necklaces that I have in my own Etsy shop, No Lifeguard On Duty, has some blue lampwork beads that have small spirals on them. Pieces I have coming soon have to do with life stages and life changes and the spiral or labyrinth is such a powerful symbol there, particularly for women, following your life's path.

I was lucky enough once to have a brief visit to the studio of an artist who does raku, one of the methods Lisa uses to make her beads. It's a fascinating and time consuming process and the result can be so beautiful. So on trend or not, I'm happy to see that these bead artists are getting more press now.

But then again, I'd better start rearranging my paltry budget! I'm going to need more beads and what if they sell out?!

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  1. Lisa's work is so fantastic, I can't wait to see your finished piece with that bead! I know what you mean about Allene's table being like Christmas morning, it's kind of a sensory overload, isn't it?!


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