Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Same Name Game - Forget Me Not

This one is so fun because the beautiful blue color is so close. Mother Nature must be guiding us. [Please write/post a comment for information on any of the jewelry you see on this page images and designs (c) ImagineMDD]

The premise of this 'game' is that I look to see what other items on Etsy have the same name as pieces of jewelry that I've created. The name of the day is Forget Me Not. I have a necklace with this name made of some of my favorite Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, sterling beads and little freshwater pearls. It's that really 'cool' shade of aqua/sky blue.

I found that layla's Etsy shop has fizzy Forget Me Nots Bath Bombs in virtually the same color.

These will make your skin soft and are sure to give you a relaxing time in the bath. Her shop is really lovely and I'd suggest a stop by at least to look around.

Nature inspires pretty things all the time. Don't forget to look around, take note and let yourself be inspired by what's around you. Oh yes, and take time to relax. :-)

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