Monday, April 27, 2009

Crafting from your Stash

I'm getting on the money-saving, green, space-saving bandwagon and implementing a Crafting from your Stash regime into my schedule. Not sure what kind of challenges I want to do yet. Does anyone else out there do more crafting from your stash rather than accumulating these days?

There's a book where they talked about a ceramics class. The instructor did a test. Half the class was to be graded on the quality of their final piece. The other half of the class was to be graded by the weight of the amount of pieces that they made total. How much could they create through the duration of the class without considering the quality?

Predictably, I guess, the ones who were just in there creating piece after piece after piece ended up with what people thought were the better items in the end. They were free from the paralysis by analysis that some who were working toward that one perfect piece felt.

The beading, crafting, designing from my stash movement has officially begun. Out will come items like the snakes, once I find them again.

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