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List Old Hollywood Stars Married Holidaytime

Vintage Celebrity Holiday Weddings, New Years
Are you having or attending a Christmas wedding?
Celebrate these anniversaries

December 2, 1926
Alfred Hitchcock marries assistant director Alma Reville (They are married until his death in 1980.)

December 3, 1931
Clara Bow and Rex Bell marry

In 1931, Clara Bow made No Limit, costarring Norman Foster and Stuart Erwin

December 5, 1943
George Montgomery marries Dinah Shore

December 9, 1953
Milton Berle, Ruth Cosgrove
1953 wedding

Milton Berle marries Ruth Cosgrove;
November 26, 1991 Berle marries Lorna Adams and remains married until his death in 2002

December 12, 1957
Jerry Lee Lewis marries Myra Gale Brown 

December 16, 1950
Shirley Temple marries Charles Black. (will remain married until his death in 2005) 

December 16, 1936
Gail Patrick marries Robert Howard Cobbat 1:00 in the morning

Tiny Tim on the Tonight Show (wedding) Tues 2013 12/17/1969 married Victoria Mae Budinger (aka "Miss Vicki") daughter, Tulip Victoria, was born in 1971. 

December 17, 1936 newspapers announce engagement of Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck. Robert Taylor, they write gave her a diamond ring watch instead of a traditional engagement diamond. He did give her that ring watch but they were wrong about the engagement. (The couple was engaged and then married in 1939)

December 18, 1937
Virginia Bruce and J Walter Ruben

In 1924 Gloria Swanson was a bride in Her Love Story
The Wedding dress, jewels and coronet cost $100,000.00
From what I can tell that would be over $1 million dollars today.

December 20, 1919
Gloria Swanson, Herbert K. Somborn 

December 20, 1949
Clark Gable and Sylvia Ashley 

December 24, 1964 
Janet Gaynor, one of the first Oscar winners married producer Paul Gregory. She had been married to costume designer Adrian until his death in 1959. Gaynor and Gregory will remain married until her death in 1984.

December 24, 1935 
Claudette Colbert, Dr. Joel Pressman (they remained married until his death in
Hollywood Gets Married

December 24, 1915
Joe E Brown, Kathryn McGraw (they remained married until her death in 1973)

December 25, 1936
Fall 1935 Jean Harlow is wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger though they told the press that it was from her mom. Christmas 1936 she receives a 152 carat sapphire flanked by diamonds from William Powell. (Miss Harlow died unexpectedly in June 1937 and they were never married.) 

Christmas 1936 Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond announced their engagement. The couple married June 16, 1937 and stay married until her death in 1965. MacDonald's bridesmaids included Ginger Rogers and Fay Wray. Buddy Rogers and Mary Pickford were just two of the guests.

December 24, 1946
An article talks about how actor Aldo Ray proposed to Shirley Green, his wife-to-be, at a midnight mass church service on Christmas eve. "He gave her the biggest and best engagement ring he was able to afford." He was 21 and she was 19. Ray would make his first movie in 1951.

December 25, 1949
Cary Grant and Betsy Drake 

Christmas 1949: Elizabeth Taylor's mother told Modern Screen magazine: "Liz and young Nicky have been going steady ever since Christmas when they met on the Paramount lot. Frank Freeman Jr. son of the Paramount executive introduced them after Nicky told him that he wanted to meet Elizabeth more than any other girl in the world. They're planning to be married in a church wedding with six bridesmaids and matrons." 

Elizabeth Taylor married Conrad Nicholson Nicky Hilton Jr. on May 6, 1950. He would be the Great-uncle of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton.

December 26, 1920
Double wedding Constance Talmadge and John Pialgolo and Dorothy Gish and James Rennie Greenwich, Connecticut. The story was that Dorothy Gish giggled all through the ceremony.

Dorothy Gish never had an engagement ring for the good reason that she was
Constance Talmadge
Dangerous Business
never engaged. She just got married without five minutes warning. That was James Rennie's way of doing things. 

For a year he had been proposing to her all over New York and most of Westchester, New Jersey and Long Island.

Gish had been answering, "Take care, some day when you spring that little joke some woman will take you up." 

He was a handsome Broadway matinee idol and she believed that proposals had become a habit with him. 

Miss Gish and Rennie were two of the principals in a double elopement five years ago in which the other actors were Constance Talmadge and John Pialoglou. They were on a motor trip through Connecticut the day after Christmas 1920 in Dorothy's car.

James Rennie and Gish are still good friends with both Constance and her ex-husband. We don't deserve happiness. There is no reason why we should be happy after an escapade as silly as that one. But the gods were good to us. Which goes to show that there are no rules for marriage. It's a game of catch-as-catch-can, in which the loser is wretched and the winner is-- well darn lucky!

Bessie Love, William Hawks
December 27, 1929
Bessie Love marries William B. Hawks. The groom is the brother of director, Howard Hawks.    

December 29, 1941
Maureen O'Hara and Will Price

December 29, 1957
Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
Gormé and Lawrence were married in Las Vegas

December 30, 1980 Jack Webb, Opal Wright
January 11, 1955 Jack Webb, Dorothy Towne
Jack Webb and Dorothy Towne 1955
They have an eight-foot high Dragnet-themed wedding cake

December 31, 1935 John Carradine, Ardanelle Cosner
(John Carradine is the father of Chris Carradine, David Carradine, Keith Carradine and Robert Carradine.)

December 31, 1969 Esther Williams, Fernando Lamas
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Another bride of the era wearing blue

December 31, 1947
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (they remained married until her death in 1998)

1928 wedding (doesn't appear to be wintertime)

January 1, 1932 Una Merkel, Ronald Burla

January 5, 1940 William Powell, Diana Lewis (they remained married until his death in 1984)

January 7, 1926 George Burns, Gracie Allen (they remained married until her death in 1964.)

Priscilla Dean
1920, for one of her movies
January 10, 1920
Priscilla Dean and Wheeler Oakman

January 10, 1942
Ava Gardner and Mickey Rooney
Gardner's birthday is Christmas Eve, December 24, so she had a lot to celebrate at the end of the year.

January 23, 1931
Pat O'Brien and Eloise Taylor

January 31, 1933
Bela Lugosi and Lillian Arch

Gracie gives a wedding
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1951)

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