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Classic TV Christmas memories : Christmas TV Episodes

                          Retro Christmas Episodes
             Bringing Holiday Memories Back to Life

Here are some fun, memorable video clips of classic TV Christmas moments for
your viewing pleasure. It can seem like some of these characters are old friends.

Holiday TV shows can remind us of where we were, how old we were, who we were with when we first watched that episode. The characters are old familiar faces that we see on television as we're getting ready to visit our own friends and family for the season.

Christmas television shows can be a lot of fun. Each year, TV shows try to come up with new ideas for holiday shows, but the same pretty much ingredients always work for Christmas gatherings, just like in real life.

Think about all the fun, and not so fun, holiday office parties. Are you looking forward to or dreading this year's get-together with family, the in-laws? Going to make the best of a Christmas in a new town? Find feel-good memories you didn't know you remembered.

Let me know your favorite holiday TV memories. We're always updating this page, changing and adding similar videos. Due to some technical fluctuations, the page is being relocated here to the blog. Thanks and Happy Holidays. As always thank the good folks who upload these videos with comments and Likes. Videos are apt to change or be removed.
Image from Public Domain Pictures

Here are some 1950s-1960s comedies, specials, children's shows....

The Honeymooners

Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows, Art Carney, Joyce Randolph

The Jack Benny Program

Jack Benny Program 1957 The Jack Benny Program: Christmas Shopping...
Do you work here? No, I'm just standing behind this counter because I lost my pants....

Mr. Ed Sings Christmas Carols  
Of Course, of course

Love that Bob! Robert Cummings, Ann B. Davis is Schultzy

The Judy Garland Christmas Show 1963
Judy Garland Christmas Special 1963, with her children and much more. Her children appear and perform. 17-yr-old Liza Minnelli dances sings w/Tracy Everett. She talks about "older dancers" Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly. Mel Torme and Jack Jones appear. Lorna Luft and Joseph Luft sing, too.

The Beverly Hillbillies Christmas

Kukla, Fran and Ollie Christmas is a Time, trimming their tree, Fran Allison

Betty White A Date With the Angels, 1957

Petticoat Junction Christmas

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