Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shower in your clothes 1960s

Take a bath in your best clothes
Swinging '60s

In 1963 Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn starred in the film Charade, directed by Stanley Donen. Grant was apparently ahead of his time beginning the trend of showering with your clothes on. Once it was trending, he probably gave up the habit?


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In I Was a Male War Bride his character got into a bathtub without any water at all. You never know what he's apt to do. Cary Grant is the TCM Star of the month for December 2014.

Bath In Your Best Clothes! This couple wasn't interested in taking a shower with their clothes on. British Pathe is one source of some of the best old films on YouTube. Here from 1966, we see a demonstration of a new fabric treatment. "This stay in stay shape process gives a permanent shape to clothes."

If you asked who Bert and Ernie were you were apt to have someone respond, "Characters in It's a Wonderful Life." Nowadays, they're more apt to say "Characters on Sesame Street."

Perhaps one of his funniest shaving scenes is actually in a Hitchcock movie, North by Northwest when he has to use a tiny razor? But don't forget that he feels "like a hairy ape" before his shave in My Favorite Wife. What's your favorite Cary Grant movie? He made over seventy pictures.

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