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Dolls, Wooden Dummies, Mannequins of The Twilight Zone

The Dolls, Wooden Dummies, Mannequins & Mystic Seers of The Twilight Zone

Do you have scary memories of any of these dolls? Fear of becoming a doll, or a statue or perhaps worse? What is it that science fiction writers tap into when they write these stories? Nervous about an evil puppet? There are television dolls like Mrs. Beasley from Family Affair or Kitty Carry-All from The Brady Bunch.
There will be a short series of pages on this topic. This page talks about:
  • The Nick of Time
  •  The After Hours
October 2nd, 1959 The Twilight Zone premiered on CBS.

There were other dolls and the like such as Wednesday Addams' Marie Antoinette the headless doll on The Addams Family or Chuck's ventriloquist dummy friend, Bob on Soap. These were maybe a little more curious but still they didn't quite fall into the realm of television science fiction. Are the Twilight Zone dolls the most fun to play with?

Always been interested in ventriloquists' dummies? National Ventriloquist Week is in July. Ventriloquism gets the recognition it deserves!

Most of the dolls on this series of pages are from one show, The Twilight Zone. Some others that fit into the genre are mentioned as well.

Some are ventriloquists' dummies, wax statues, mannequins and one fortune-telling coin-operated mystic seer. Sometimes people seem to turn into dolls, dolls appear to be life-like.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Night Gallery and One Step Beyond also had episodes dealing with dolls.

Plot spoilers are guaranteed throughout, also there are images and video clips from some of the episodes when available.

Image of Telly Savalas Talky Tina Twilight Zone Episode 16x20 Photo

The Mystic Seer

The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Replica
Do you have a cafe or restaurant? 
Just right for your pop-up small business

Features a working coin mechanism. Can act as a bank It even dispenses 'fortunes.' 
Measures about 13 1/2" x 7 1/2" wide x 6" long.   

The fortune teller is featured in the legendary episode Nick of Time starring William Shatner. It comes complete with napkin holder and menu holder just like in the show. It also has a certificate of authenticity.

Nick of Time November 18, 1960 : Season Two

Twilight Zone Nick of Time Trading Cards
Newlyweds Don and Pat Carter's car breaks down in Ridgeview, Ohio. They wait for the car to be serviced in a diner, the Busy Bee Cafe, that has a fortune-telling machine, a Mystic Seer. 

They ask it questions, first in jest, to kill time. The answers, Don starts to believe, may be foreboding warning of dreadful things to come. 

He begins to quiver and quake while Pat tries to pull him away from the machine.

From the front of the fortune telling machine/napkin holder:
Ask me a Yes or No question.
Does He/She love me?
Will I become Rich?
Is My future Bright?

Don asks when should they leave. Before or after 3pm? Where should they live? They go outside and the newlyweds are almost hit by a car. Their mechanic gives them news that appears to confirm what the Mystic Seer said. What else could happen??

Shatner did several memorable episodes of the show.

Some Mystic Seer answers:
It is quite possible
It has already been taken care of
You may never know
Your chances are good

Compare some Magic Eight Ball answers:

Without a doubt
As I see it, yes
Ask again later
My sources say no

Twilight Zone #5 - 16x20 Inches Photograph High Quality

The After Hours
June 10, 1960 : Season One

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Marsha White (Anne Francis) wants a present for her mother. She's shopping in a department store. Perhaps a special golden thimble on the ninth floor?

A mysterious elevator man takes her to the even more mysterious ninth floor where she appears to be the only shopper. Need more? The ninth is a floor beyond the elevator gauge.

There is trouble with the thimble but that soon becomes a tiny speck in Marsha's situation when she's locked in the store and mannequins start coming to life around her. What is a girl to do? Think, Marsha, think. Your mom really doesn't want that thimble anyway.

Do you have a favorite mannequin-comes-to-life movie? There are several of them from the US and other countries.

The Lonely, a Season One episode takes place on an asteroid in the year 2046. Corry (Jack Warden) is an inmate in solitary confinement on an an asteroid. He's sent a lifelike robot woman to keep him company. She is named Alicia (Jean Marsh). Others in the cast include Ted Knight and John Dehner. Famed composer Bernard Herrmann provided music for this episode.


Many TV series, dramas and comedies, featured puppets and dolls, Even Night Court

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