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Snooki Nicole Polizzi: 10 Famous TV Moms: Costume Ideas

Nicole Snooki Polizzi is one of the stars of the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Like other moms, Wilma Flintstone, Lily Munster and Marge Simpson, she's known for an iconic hairstyle.

Snooki is 24 years old and stands 4' 9". Engaged to entrepreneur Jionni LaValle, Snooki gave birth to their first child, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle on August 26, 2012. Little Lorenzo was a healthy six pound baby.

This month the hit show began its sixth and final season. One of the spin-offs is Snooki & JWoww. It's going to focus on Polizzi living with her friend Jennifer Farley. It should air later in 2012.

Looking for cute Snooki costumes? The Jersey Shore Snooki Adult Women's Costume (right) has two pieces, a very tight pink, black and white animal print mini dress and a dark shrug.

Get any party started wearing the Jersey Shore JWoww Dress Adult Women's Costume. Choose red or white; it even has an enhanced bust.

Especially in this economy, it's a good idea to buy something you can wear again. Get a costume that can be used more than once, can portray more than one character, something you can swap and/or donate later. Use a real dress to portray a character.

Guys might shout "Yaba daba doo" because some of the costumes you'll find for the Jersey Shore ladies are as cute and wild as the costumes for grown up Pebbles from The Flintsones and Tarzan's Jane!
The Lindsay Mesh Animal Print Dress (left) is a lined animal print dress comes in different sizes (not sold as a costume) and has already gotten a 5 star review. The one-shoulder black and white Leopard Print dress comes in three plus sizes.

These are just a couple of the fun animal print dresses! Have a Snooki costume one day and a dress for a date, the next.

Accessorize with fun pieces to bring it to being Snooki. The hair is essential to your costume! If you're lucky enough to have the hair for it, pin it up in Snooki-style. If not, indulge in a Jersey Poof Adult Wig.

A different version, the Jersey Shore Snooki Wig has a high customer rating.

Just like with Kim Kardashian and Paul Teutul Sr., a clever addition to the outfit would be Snooki by Nicole Polizzi, her fragrance.

Snooki has written three books. A recent one was Gorilla Beach. All of her books are or should be in the future available in Kindle eReader editions. You can find out more on the Amazon Snooki Nicole Polizzi Author Page. Her book, Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama and all the Messy Milestones Along the Way came out in 2013.

Remember the South Park Snooki? The real person is able to laugh at herself. She made light of an episode of South Park in the Fourteenth Season called, It's a Jersey Thing. They featured a character called Snooki.

Actor Vince Green plays a character named Snookie in the movie, Save the Last Dance. Legend is that in middle school friends gave her the nickname based the movie character because she was the first one to kiss a boy.

Get your very own Jersey Shore Snooki Cardboard Stand-Up like the one at the top of the page.

Snooki, LaValle and new baby Lorenzo are on the cover of the new issue of People Magazine (on newsstands 10/09). Snooki says she's a new person now, "The partying is long gone." Have you seen Snooki's new show Snooki & JWoww?

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That's It!
The 10 Famous TV Moms
Costume-worthy Mamas!
Who do you think belongs on the list?

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Snooki on Jersey Shore
Ten (eleven, really) gals who'd love to get together and talk about their kids.

The Moms and Dads are in no particular order

Previously there was 

Andy Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show
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Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy
Herman Munster
Ben Cartwright from Bonanza
Homer Simpson
King Friday the 13th from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
Bruce Jenner were the 10 Famous TV Dads.

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