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Homemade Halloween Costumes 5 TV Dads

Nothing better than DIY Halloween costumes. Here are five creative costumes, five famous TV fathers where a guy can virtually shop his closet. Add a few accessories and you're a hit! There's a lawman, congressman, farmer, earthquake survivor and one more daddy. Guesses?

1) Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) analyzes blood spatter patterns for the Miami Metro Police Department. He's married to Rita and they have a young son named Harrison. He also has an avocation as a serial killer serial killer.

The TV show Dexter has run on Showtime from 2006 to the present. A drop dead simple costume would be to add a yellow crime tape Do Not Cross neck tie to your best suit as seen in the photo above.Talk about cheap Halloween costumes...

The more traditional Dexter costume might be his after-hours working clothes. Do you have a green thermal shirt? The American Apparel Thermal Long Sleeve Henley works for both genders. A black vinyl apron and black tactical duty gloves - police gloves is what he uses. Dexter also wears a safety mask face shield.

Your Halloween version of Dexter may be able to use the Bloody Cleaver from the new Walking Dead costume set.

2) Burton "Burt" Hummel is married to Carole Hudson. He's the father of Kurt Hummel and the stepfather of Finn Hudson. He is a United States Congressman as well as being a mechanic. Burt is also a sports fan.

He is notable for supporting his son, Kurt when he came out as being gay on the show, Glee.

Burt is a perfect last minute Halloween costume. Lots of guys I know have a Burt Hummel costume in their closets right now!

Get yourself a good flannel shirt and a good warm vest jacket. If you don't already have one of these, your brother or dad might have one. The baseball cap is up to you. The Choir Here Comes Treble! embroidered hat is just one of the hats can be customized with the name of your choir, group or no name at all.

For premade outfits, there's the Cheerios costume from Glee, Sue and other Glee costumes.

One of the best ideas for how to make a Halloween costume is looking at what you have, maybe stopping by the local thrift store then adding a couple of things to that. Start off with a unique idea.

Glee Burt Hummel Fabric Wall Scroll Poster

Get a Glee DVD: such as the Season 1 Giftset.

3) Hershel Greene is a veterinarian who owns a farm in Georgia. His daughters are Beth and Maggie. When he married his second wife, Annette, he became step-father to Shawn. The Walking Dead has been on AMC since 2010.

Hershel, played by Scott Wilson, and a group of the townspeople are dealing with a world now dominated by walkers, a race of zombies. If you're bitten by one of the undead, you turn. Fall 2013 ends with a bang for Hershel.

** Scott Wilson was guest judge on the SyFy Channel's makeup challenge show Face Off, an episode called Off With Their Heads. It originally aired in early October 2014.

Better watch out. Unfortunately this is what happened to Annette and Shawn.

Long story short, he put them in the barn. He barricaded folks in his barn and ended up with a barn full of Walkers. That wasn't what he'd intended.

Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes has to deal with the walkers. Hershel is another shop your closet costume. A shirt that has a pale color or simple pattern, the undershirt and  suspenders. Hershel has a receding hairline, white hair, eyebrows, you can wear a fake moustache and beard. Depending on when you see him he may have less facial hair.

Comb your hair back or try a wig like the Wig Comb Over. (*Don't forget that items like fake mustaches usually require spirit gum theatrical glue & remover or toupee tape and those tend to be sold separately. Choose the amount and type that you want.)

There is a great selection of Walking Dead costumes and accessories such as the Rick Grimes Costume (adult, child and teen versions) and the Pajama Zombie Teen Costume and the Deluxe Decomposed Zombie can round out the Group Costume.  Don't have just any old zombie costumes this year. What sales are going on? Look for Clearance sales and free shipping offers.

See the show The Walking Dead DVD or instant video

The show is based on a comic book series of the same name. The Walking Dead comic series is by Image Comics. Looking for the Walking Dead comics? Things From Another World has promotions, be sure to check them out!

4) Rick Marshall, his son Will and his young daughter Holly, were rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon when they were caught in "the greatest earthquake ever known." Their raft tumbled down a waterfall and into a time doorway into The Land of the Lost.

The show ran on NBC from 1974 to 1977. Rick Marshall wears what looks like a familiar khaki work uniform. If you don't have dark hair yourself, you could wear the famous 70s TV Mike/Greg Brady Bunch Man-Perm Curly Brown Wig

Besides Rick Marshall and Mike Brady, the wig is also ideal for portraying the androgynous character Pat, from Saturday Night Live. [Page being updated relocated live link will be announced]

The universe in which they land is inhabited by dinosaurs, a primate-type people called Pakuni and aggressive humanoid/lizard creatures called the Sleestak, costumes and masks are available.There are several Land of the Lost Costumes you can make.

The Dickies men's work pants and complementary Dickies Long Sleeve Work Shirt come in multiple colors besides the classic khaki, and they both get high ratings from customers. A lot of men already have Dickies pants and work shirts and know their quality.

Add an orange backpack or modernize the character with an orange or dinosaur-themed messenger or computer commuter bag. The show is part of the fantastic worlds of Sid and Marty Krofft. Get Land of the Lost on DVD.

In 2009, Will Ferrell portrayed Rick Marshall in a feature film version of Land of the Lost.

This was a time travel story at its core. Due to financial negotiations, Spencer Milligan left the show at the start of Season Three.  His character Rick Marshall was replaced by his brother, Jack Marshall.

Early on in that season, they show Rick Marshall being transported out of the Land of the Lost through a time doorway. Yet the rest of the family remains lost.  Don't know what the castaways on Gilligan's Island would say about that situation.

5) Jackson Galaxy, a.k.a. Cat Daddy is a cat behaviorist on Animal Planet's My Cat from Hell. There are no bad cats, he reminds us, some are just misunderstood. Our pets, our cats are family members, too.

Since we are making a Jackson Galaxy costume version of his overall look, here are some of his vital statistics. Jackson stands 6-foot-5, this makes him taller than Stephen Fry but still not quite as tall as Penn Jillette.

He has a shaved head, wears glasses and ear hoops, has a long goatee, sideburns and full tattoo sleeves on both arms. The Bundle Monster 10pc fake tattoo sleeves - designs incl. Tribal, Dragon, Skull is just one of the sets you'll find.

He drives a cool convertible and wears cool jewelry. His fashion sense leans toward vintage inspired bowling shirts such as Vito's Loan Company Classic Black & White Bowling Shirt Jackson also has a T-Shirt that reads, Real Men Love Cats.

At night he plays guitar in a rock band. During the day, he carries a special guitar case in which he carries the tools of his cat trade, calming potions and cat toys, things like that. This famous guitar case has cat eyes painted on it.

Friends or family dressing up as cats? Perfect couples costume or complement to the costume of Jackson Galaxy is a cat costume. The leopard or tiger costume would work just as well

For the bald wig with the best customer comments and ratings, it's the Graftobian Professional Bald Cap Kit.

Whether you want to be Jackson Galaxy, Tom Colicchio from Top Chef or Iron Chef Michael Symon, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Howie Mandell, LL Cool J, Patrick Stewart / Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dr. Evil / Mini Me, Blue Man Group or even Humpty Dumpty, the comments from customers who've bought bald caps are clear.

It's best to invest a little more money and more time to put it on. *Read the directions before and while you're putting it on.  Do you need to buy anything that doesn't come with it? Spirit gum and remover? This will get you the really great look you're after. If you want something faster that are more obvious, there are lots of choices out there.

Jackson Galaxy works for many animal and cat-specific charities and has a new book out, Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean. It's available in hardcover, audio and kindle eReader versions.

A mustache and goatee set can be added if you don't already sport them. Don't forget to be sure they come with spirit gum and remover.

If you think people will be slow in getting who you are, maybe help them along with adding a kitty or two to your look! Jackson doesn't usually have cats and kittens hanging all over him, but you can take some creative license with your costume.

I like the Webkinz Kinz Klip Siamese Cat (Kinz Klip only) it clips on and gets very good ratings from customers. There are other breeds and types of kitties, too. The BOO Mini clip-on is small and supposedly a naughty cat. Talk about your magnetic personality.

The fact that one of them is a Siamese is right on. Our Siamese cats want to jump up and ride on our shoulders. You might clip kitties like this to your belt loops? Say, Oh, Behave?!

Rick Marshall might like this:

Jackson Galaxy:

Image of Hershel Greene from Wikipedia
Jackson Galaxy Inspired T-Shirts are not necessarily those that he's worn, but they're similar
Information comes from various sources, online and off. Best efforts are made for accuracy.

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