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Cher : 10 Famous TV Moms : Costume Ideas

Born Cheryl Sarkisian, Cher's birthday is May 20, 1946. A legendary recording artist and actress, Cher has risen to iconic status. She serves as a role model and  is often imitated by women and men. Just look at the Cher from 1970-77. Already a fashion  trend-setter.

She helped to "popularize fashions such as bellbottoms and incorporating eccentric gowns, hippie attire and elaborate costumes [on] live shows and then television  appearances." A Cher costume will be fun and popular. It's a timeless women's costume for events other than Halloween.

Sonny and Cher were married on October 27, 1964. One of the best couples costumes has got to be the Sonny and Cher costumes. Remember when Dorothy and Sophia were Sonny and Cher on Golden Girls?

The adult Cher Bono Costume (right) is just one of the possibilities out there.

Getting a period vintage look, a groovy 60s costume, dress, some accessories can be smart since you can use the pieces for more occasions. Note comments. Sometimes standard size runs small and companies offer a plus size that actually will fit an average sized person. Reading sizing information will help to get the right sizes since one size fits all isn't really possible. :)

Accessories such as microphones and wigs are almost always sold separately. Can you make some of the accessories, find them in your closet?

Don't forget wigs. They don't all have to be dark hair or straight hair. Cher is a very fun costume because she had so many looks. We're just narrowing it down.

A Cher wig can take many forms depending on what you want. The straight long black hair is what a lot of people imagine from the early TV days. Try the Cheri Wig Adult Halloween Costume Accessory or the  Cecilia Ebony Wig, Black. Remember Cher with bangs: Long Black Straight Wig Cher/Nicki Minaj? There are many wigs to choose from.

Cher is also known for some of her tattoos, including a necklace on her left upper arm and large butterfly and floral design on her buttocks. You may like to use temporary tattoos as part of your costume. Word has it that Cher is having some of her tattoos removed.

The Men's 60's Groovy Sonny Bono inspired Singer Costume, Multi-colored, One Size (left) seems to have the highest customer rating. The wig, mustache and glasses are sold separately.

You can find plus size and other versions of the Sonny costume.

After a 1970 tv special, their series, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour debuted in the summer of 1971 and ran on CBS until mid-1974. 

In 1974 & 1975 Sonny and Cher had programs of their own. In 1975 designer Bob Mackie  designed legendary and outlandish outfits for Cher, including one which exposed her navel, shocking the censors!

Despite Cher's success on her solo program, apparently she made the decision herself to  join with Sonny once more for The Sonny & Cher Show, which ran 1976–1977. In the late  1970s, variety shows were going out of fashion. Sonny and Cher and The Carol Burnett Show  were among the few programs that kept getting viewers.

Maybe you'd rather wear a fancy dress with a Cher wig? There are some budget-friendly ideas. The Classy Fantasy Cleopatra Costume (right). Choose your size. This includes the neckpiece and headpiece. A very unexpected Cher Halloween costume!

There are dresses such as the Sexy Black Beaded Applique Gown.
Cher has had her children on her television shows and worked during her pregnancy. Chaz Bono, born Chastity Bono in 1969, appeared regularly on parents' Sonny & Cher's program.

Cher married musician Gregg  Allman in 1975. They had one son named Elijah.

There are many Cher dolls to dress up and play with. In the 70s the Mego toy company created Sonny and Cher figures. The MEGO Cher Doll in Blue Bathing Suit with Styling Hair (1976) still in the box. This is only one of the sought-after Cher figures.

Just a note about how times change. Cher's navel caused quite an uproar when we saw it on TV  in 1975. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia regarding Barbara Eden, the show, I Dream of Jeannie and her costume. This show ran from ran from 1965-1970, starting in black and white and then going into color.

"In most episodes, Barbara Eden wears her revealing Jeannie costume (created by veteran Hollywood costume designer Gwen Wakeling). Censors allowed her to be depicted living in a house with an unmarried man (because early episodes made it plain that she slept in her bottle), but would not permit Eden's navel to be seen, although it was briefly shown in season four episodes."

It's always someone's job to count the number of times a woman's navel appears on screen. I guess a cowboy's work is never done.

Two friends wear Cher and Jeannie Costumes? Fun idea! Get the sizes and accessories you need, too.

In January 1998 Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident. He was then a California Congressman. Cher gave a very moving eulogy at Sonny's funeral.

Sonny & Cher received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television. Cher appeared at the event with Mary Bono, who accepted the award on behalf of her late husband.

In the news and also a role model is Sonny and Cher's son, Chaz Bono.

His book, Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man is out and also available for Kindle eReaders.

Transition: Becoming Who I Was Always Meant to Be : Kindle eReader Edition

On American Bandstand in 1982, Cher discusses fashion and her appearance in the film, Silkwood.

Photo at the top of the page: Cher Hippie Chic Hollywood Photo Art Poster 

What other TV Moms will be on the list
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Who do you think belongs on the list?

So far we've had the dynamic duo of June Cleaver and Cher. Eight more are waiting in the wings.

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Andy Taylor, Gomez Addams, George Jetson, Paul Teutul Sr., Ricky Ricardo, Herman Munster, Ben Cartwright from Bonanza, Homer Simpson and now King Friday the 13th and Bruce Jenner were the 10 Famous TV Dads.

Quotes above from Wikipedia pages on Cher and I Dream of Jeannie

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