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Lily Munster: 10 Famous TV Moms: Costume Ideas

Lily Dracula Munster was born around 1827 (she’s said to be over 137 years old in 1964).  

She is married to Herman Munster. They have a son, Edward Wolfgang Eddie who is a werewolf. 

They live with her dad, Sam Dracula, known as Grandpa. They also live with their niece, Marilyn. The Munsters ran 1964-1966.

Lily has a brother Lester (a werewolf) and unnamed sister who is niece, Marilyn’s mother. She resembles an undead vampire and has a famous silver streak in her hair. 

She wore the same outfit in nearly every episode. Occasionally we’d see her wearing other clothes, or in bed wearing her nightgown with cap with Herman in his PJs.*

Her famous pink flowing dress, the Lily Munster costume (right) from the famous TV series, The Munsters, gets high marks from customers.If you're looking for a female vampire costume with something special, this is it!

The Vampire Coffin Cape is made of black polyester with red satin lining that is gathered for a ruche effect. This full-length hooded cape is secured with a tie closure at the neck. Lily Munster wore something similar to this when she was going out.

Her most famous piece of jewelry was a Gothic Vampire Bat Necklace.
Universal produced The Munsters. Universal Studios had created classic films such as Frankenstein and Dracula in the 1930s and 40s. Because of this, the characters on the show were able to resemble these movie icons and reference their stories.

Lily was played by film actress, Yvonne De Carlo. She appeared with Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments in 1956 and McLintock with John Wayne.

You two can go as Herman and Lily while your friends go as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein! Do they fight more or are they more romantic?

The Bride of Frankenstein Deluxe Adult Costume (left) features a mermaid silhouette, ruched bodice & an attached lace/organza cape. The wig is even included. The gothic beehive wig and a choker with attached neck bolts only begin to describe this updated Monster Bride costume.

You usually get the wig and the neck bolts separately.

View a selection: A cool Best Friend Costume could be Bride of Frankenstein and there are lost of versions these days. Is this how Lily looked on her wedding day? What do you think?

They come in standard and plus size, traditional and more contemporary variations. Get them for adults, teens, tweens and kids.

Select from a wicked an assortment of Vampire and Female Vampire Costumes

Lily apparently hopped a ride on a tortoise:
The Munsters 24X36 Poster Lily, Herman, Grandpa (above)
Vampires just wanna have fun!

You can have a set of The Munsters: The Complete Series on DVD. There are special features on the characters and actors such as, Yvonne De Carlo: Guilded Lily.
Ms. De Carlo received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the motion picture industry. It's located at 6124 Hollywood Blvd. She has a second star at 6715 Hollywood Blvd. for her contribution to television.

Not wearing green or ghostly make-up? Maybe you'd like to try green nail polish and green tinted false eyelashes in honor of Lily? There are some beautiful ones. Mint Blue Feather False Eyelashes This company gets good customer ratings. They call these "mint blue" so think about coordinating your colors with accessories.
Yvonne De Carlo and Butch Patrick were on on Vicki Lawrence's talk show in 1994.

Yvonne De Carlo died of natural causes in 2007 at age 84.

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Vampiress Lily, USPS Stamp
Vampiress Lily, USPS Postage Stamp 
View Usps Stamps online at zazzle
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Create your own picture postage online at Zazzle.

Thanks to Wikipedia, IMDb, Butch Patrick’s Munsters’ web site among others

What other TV Moms will be on the list
of 10 Costume-worthy Mamas? 
Who do you think belongs on the list?

The list began with June Cleaver, then
Cher, Samantha Stephens & Endora, Cersei Lannister and now Lily Munster. 
We're half-way, five more to go.

The Moms and Dads are in no particular order

Previously there was 
The Famous TV Dads Costume Ideas list

** The 10 Famous TV Dads Costume Ideas Series began with Andy Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show

Cape for the Vampire Ball-Yvonne DeCarlo and Lily Munster understand

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Andy Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show, Gomez Addams, George Jetson, Paul Teutul Sr. from American Chopper, Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy, Herman Munster, Ben Cartwright from Bonanza, Homer Simpson, King Friday the 13th from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Bruce Jenner were the 10 Famous TV Dads.

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