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Clark Gable marries Kay Williams July 1955

Clark Gable marries Kay Williams July 11, 1955

Minden, NV: "Gable, appearing very formal in a dark blue suit and his bride wearing a chic tan suit were uncommunicative before and after the ceremony. Fisher said the actor said only 'I do' and both were unusually quiet.

"'Afterwards Mr. Gable took her in his arms and kissed her,' he said, 'I don't know for how long but pretty long. Maybe two or three seconds -- a good kiss.'" -- The Star-News July 12, 1955

"The marriage climaxed 13 years of friendship between the 54 year old Gable and Miss Williams, 37 whose battles in court and otherwise with her former husband millionaire playboy Adolph Spreckels II made Hollywood history. ...

"They got their marriage license only minutes before appearing before Justice of the Peace Walter Fisher. 
Kay Williams Ziegfeld Follies Original 8x10" Photo
"They were accompanied by Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Nessar of Los Angeles and Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Menasco of St. Helena Calif. Mrs. Nessar was matron of honor and Menasco was the best man.

"Gable has a cabin at Lake Tahoe where he often spends weekends hunting and fishing in early summer. He established residence there three years ago to obtain a divorce from his fourth wife, Lady Sylvia Ashley. 
Clark Gable Original photo
on Set The Misfits

"Gable and Miss Williams made headlines in 1951 when Spreckels testified in a pre-divorce trial hearing that she told him she had been intimate with Gable. Miss Williams denied the accusations."
-- The Times-News, July 12, 1955

The marriage is his fifth and her third. Miss Williams has two children by Spreckels. It was a double ring ceremony.  

"Albert and Mrs. Nessar were witnesses to the ceremony which he performed in his living room, the justice said. He said the couple refused to discuss future plans. 

"Gable just grunted and walked out when I asked if they were going back to Reno, Justice Fisher said. -- The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 12, 1955

Justice of the Peace Walt Fisher appeared on the July 17, 1955 episode of What's My Line. He'd recently married the Clark Gables.

First: G. W. (Walt) Fisher - "Justice of the Peace (Married the Clark Gables This Week)" They simply rang the doorbell, nothing was planned in advance

Other contestants on the show: Mrs. Eva Shular who Operates Pool Room in Chesley, Ontario, Canada. Mystery Guest was Fred Allen 

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