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Heterochromia Different Colored Eyes

Two different color eyes : Celebrities with 2 different color eyes 

Heterochromia iridum: A term usually used to mean having two different
photo of white cat with 2 different color eyes magnet
Khao Manee
White Kitten Magnet
colored eyes, different colored irises in the eyes. It's less common in humans but more common in dogs, cats and horses. Odd eyes can happen to anyone. 

You're apt to see it in Dalmatians and Australian sheep dogs. In cats it's common in the Khao Manee and it can be seen in the Turkish Van.

Trauma or disease can change the color of an eye. Contact a medical professional if you notice a change in your eye(s) that has you concerned.

Heterochromia may also mean a person has different colors of skin or hair, including eyelashes. I read of one doctor who had a patient who had different color eyelashes as well as irises in the eyes. (see below)

Different Colored Eyes Day is celebrated annually on July 12th.

Photo of actress Kay Francis
What Kay Francis thinks of the whole topic
8x10" Photo

I can't find information on Kay Francis' having heterochromia. Articles tend to say she had grey or blue eyes. Having different colored eyes would probably not have been advertised or noted back in the early days of cinema.

Also couldn't find an Alice Eve or Mila Kunis photo where it was visible, though they are on several lists.

From article, lower right: "... A beautiful blonde who had a blue eye with blonde lashes and a brown eye with black lashes on the other..."
clip of article about heterochromia eyes, eyelashes 1960s
Doctor speaking about
The Children's Castle Helsinki,
Finland. The Spokesman-Review,
June 7, 1965

How many people do you know with green eyes? Is this more common in people who have lighter eyes? Do these stars have mismatched eyes?

Celebrities said to have Heterochromia:

Gracie Allen one blue and one green
Kiefer Sutherland blue and green
Joe Pesci one blue one green 
Josh Henderson green and blue 
Michael Flatley one blue and one green

Dan Aykroyd brown and hazel
Jane Seymour one brown and one hazel

Demi Moore one green one hazel

Kate Bosworth blue and hazel
Christopher Walken blue and hazel

Norma Eberhardt brown and blue
Max Scherzer blue and brown
Alice Eve brown and blue
Tim McIlrath brown and blue
Pacho O’Donnell blue and brown?

Mila Kunis one green and one brown

Kiefer Sutherland color autographed photo
Kiefer Sutherland Autographed Signed 11x14 Photo PSA DNA
Hard to tell in most photos
Kiefer Sutherland, son of actor Donald Sutherland, is an actor and producer. He has appeared in films and television shows and lent his voice to to movies, TV shows and popular video games. Stand by Me and The Lost Boys are some of his famous films. 

He has a star on Canada's Walk of Fame and also on the Hollywood Walk of Fame where his star is near that of his father both with the address, 7024 Hollywood Blvd.

Gracie Allen:

"Gracie had two different color eyes. One eye was green the other was blue. Of course it didn't matter - on radio they were the same color and on black and white television."  

Early photo of Gracie Allen
Gracie Allen

Gracie Allen retired in 1958, leaving the Burns & Allen TV show. This was when television was switching to color and there was talk that she retired due to sensitivity about her eye color being seen on camera. She also had significant health issues, including having had a mild heart attack. 

It seems this was the real reason for her retirement. George Burns, by the way, had blue eyes and brown hair. Eventually he had grey hair. Then on top he had little hair so he had Promotional photo Burns and Allenstore-bought grey hair....

Gracie Allen had a scar on her arm that was due to an accident she'd had with a pot of boiling water when she was a very young child. She always wore dresses that had 3/4 length sleeves and was never seen in public without that arm's being covered. 

Even in a film like The Big Broadcast of 1937 when she was dancing in a toga, Gracie had a scarf situated so it covered that arm. 

In George Burns' book they said the injury was so bad that they thought at the time she might lose her arm. It's very difficult to find a photo where you get a hint of her different colored eyes. Gracie died from a heart attack in 1964 at the age of 58.

I read somewhere that someone back in the 1940s-50s wondered if she had something to do with drugs because her arms were always covered?! When you look at newspaper fashion reports of the 1930s and 40s, her name is often mentioned alongside the glamorous movie stars, telling what Gracie was wearing.

Abigail Van Buren column letter about different eye colors
Advice columnists Abigail Van Buren and Dear Abby received letters
from young people who were embarrassed because they
had two different colored eyes. They would often mention the names of
celebrities who also had different colored eyes. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about."
Just one more of the many things eye-related that may worry a teen or tween is known as blepharospasm (excessive blinking and spasming of the eyes). This may be due to particularly dry eyes or those that are very sensitive to light.

Benedict Cumberbatch:

Cumberbatch has a case which is called Central Heterochromia, displaying two colors in the iris. Some also refer to this as Sectoral Heterochromia or Sectoral Hypochromia but others reserve these terms for non-humans, such as cats and dogs, etc. 

This gets a nickname, Cat Eyes. Note: these terms wouldn't normally be capitalized. With Benedict Cumberbatch, the outer part of his iris is blue while the inner part is more golden green. 

Simon Pegg, "blue-grey with brown areas" may also fit into this category.

Trauma to the eye, Changes in eye color:

"Trauma to the eye, whether accidental or surgical, can change eye color by changing the content of the pigment in the iris. 
Some David Bowie Posters
accentuate his eyes - he knows
different is good

"An injury to certain nerves in the upper chest or neck can result in a condition known as Horner's syndrome. 

"Here a lightening in iris color occurs in the affected eye. People are sometimes born with this condition. 

"A more recent cause for change in eye color has been the use of new types of medication in the treatment of glaucoma. .... 

"The natural aging process can cause certain conditions to occur which can change eye color."

-- Dr. John P. Nairn Jr. MD Ophthalmology, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 7, 2002

David Bowie:

Snip of article about David Bowie's eyes, color pupils
Young David Bowie and his friend were fighting over a girl, the story goes.
A punch in the eye left one of his pupils permanently dilated. Bowie's eyes also appear to be different colors.

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The books on Kay Francis both get good reviews from readers and both available digitally for eReaders such as the Kindle

Gracie, A Love Story by George Burns
This one has gotten some good reviews recently Kay Francis - I Can't Wait To Be Forgotten - Her Life on Film and Stage by Scott O'Brien with foreward by Robert Osborne 

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For kids with eye conditions, children who feel different & need support:

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-- Sources: Thanks to the book, Gracie, A Love Story by George Burns,
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rome News-Tribune, BBC News,, wikipedia and other research
Because this list was culled from different sources, the information may not be entirely accurate.

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