Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ernest T Bass Dan Aykroyd and The BassOMatic

Ernest T. Bass, Dan Aykroyd and
The Bass-O-Matic: Together at last

Dan Aykroyd Explains the Bass-O-Matic:

Saturday Night Live was still a new show and already Not ready for prime time player, Dan Aykroyd was providing us with hilarious commercial spoofs. ''Fast and easy and ready to pour!''

Dan Aykroyd delivers his classic Super Bass-o-matic sales pitch 1976

Howard Morris was originally seen in the 1950s on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows. One of his films was Mel Brooks' High Anxiety. In 1962, Morris married a woman named Dolores Wylie.

A lesson on saying "How do you do?" to Mrs. Wiley:

On this episode Ernest T. finds a soul mate in Ramona. He and she may be able to giggle, run and leap-frog through life together.

They tell Mrs. Wiley that Ernest T. is from Raleigh. She talks to him a while and thinks he's really from Boston. Dan Aykroyd used to play Beldar a Conehead on Saturday Night Live. He said he and his family were from France. That wasn't exactly true.

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