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North by Northwest Sunglasses : Persol

North by Northwest Sunglasses : Persol

The iconic sunglasses that Cary Grant wore in the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock movie, North by Northwest aren't going to go out of style. The actor also sported cool sunglasses in favorite films such as Arsenic in Old Lace and To Catch a Thief.

Persol is a classic brand favored by celebrities such as Steve McQueen, Johnny Depp, Fran Lebowitz and Zac Efron just to name a few.

Such great quality, these folks couldn't help but wear their sunglasses indoors. This is one of the most classy men's accessories around. 

In the North by Northwest movie, Cary Grant plays Roger O. Thornhill, a New York advertising exec mistaken for a government agent.

The exact pair and even brand of sunglasses he wore in the film is debated to this day. They were great designer glasses and you can have that look. Many believe they were Persol. The model number is where people disagree. The glasses were supposedly part of his attempt to be incognito.

Similar to using sunscreen, sunglasses are just as important in the winter as the are any other time of year.

Looking for a pair to fit your face? Because they're that special pair that were in that movie, great iconic glasses worn by those celebs? Movie sunglasses. What to do, which to choose? They're all cool. They'll work.

Travel in your future? A little gift for yourself or someone else that makes you feel good day after day is something very special.

Find the Persol 714 that best suits your face, your style and your budget

Acetate frame
Crystal lens
UV400 Lens 100% Uvprotective coating : Were you up late? Working on the computer all hours? Feeling less than delighted about meeting with the boss for this meeting? Great to get quality glasses.

"Synonymous with intrinsic class and elegance, Persol has been a symbol of the Italian eyewear industry in the world for more than 90 years."
Five star customer ratings

Excerpt from customer:

"The Persol 714s are the best pair of sunglasses that I've run across so far. they are solidly constructed and seem to be extremely durable in-spite of the hinged construction that lets them fold up. The hinges are solid, well constructed and feel like they could easily see many years of use without wearing out.

"Which brings me to the next point - the folding design is just uber-cool! Both folded up and open, they look great and stylish, especially on formals - the tortoise brown pattern is very classic which helps."

North By Northwest 16x20 Inches Photograph High Quality
Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, Photograph printed on pristine Glossy Premium Photo Paper For framing. Great for home and office d├ęcor, for inspiration.

Remember, "I never discuss love on an empty stomach."
Go the whole nine yards and order the brook trout. "A little trouty but quite good."

Want to get in on the debate as to which glasses were worn in North by Northwest?

Some believe the glasses are by Tart Optical, their Arnel frame in Caramel with green lenses. 

There's a contingent of fans who believe the glasses are actually Ray-Ban Wayfarers similar to those Jack Nicholson wears and those that Tom Cruise wore in the 1983 movie, Risky Business.

Mr. Nicholson was quoted as saying, "With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60." He must have said this a few years ago, but we get the idea and that's what we want when we invest in a good pair of sunglasses.

Cary Grant tells director Alfred Hitchcock what he thinks
while filming North by Northwest 16X20 Photo

Here's another strong contender for the Hitchcock sunglasses is the Persol 649, Persol 0649 24/31 Tortoise 0649 Round Sunglasses

Five star customer ratings

Excerpt from customer:

"Finally I have this style icon in my hands, the 649 is really unique. Classic Persol design and quality. Lots of fine details can be appreciated in this model. Victorflex flexible bridge is great. I wasn't sure about the gradient lens, but looks great.

"Initially thought 54mm was too big, but is just fine. Great purchase, don't hesitate to buy any Persol you like. There are a lot of copycats, but the original is unique."

Persol Sunglasses 0714-2451 There is a Persol Steve McQueen PO714 SM Edition. So many of our top actors have worn this brand of sunglasses. Did you see Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair? What's your favorite McQueen film?

Hitchcock himself appeared in a slightly different ad and trailer for the film.

He didn't wear his sunglasses during the whole film
North by Northwest Color Photo
Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint


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