Friday, December 20, 2013

A wish at Christmas

A Christmas Wish (Danny Wheetman)
Sung by John Denver and Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson)

From John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together
Aired December 5, 1979 (on ABC in the USA)
December 22, 1979 (BBC1 in the UK)


I don't know if you believe in Christmas,
or if you have presents underneath the Christmas tree.
But if you believe in love, that will be more than enough
for you to come and celebrate with me. .....

Christmas is a time to come together, a time to put all differences aside.
And I reach out my hand to the family of man
to share the joy I feel at Christmas time.

For the truth that binds us all together, I would like to say a simple prayer.
That at this special time, you will have true peace of mind
and love to last throughout the coming year.

Peace and Happy Holidays to everyone -- Imagine an even better 2014

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