Saturday, December 28, 2013

Joan Fontaine Suspicion talk and games

Suspicion Saturday Short: Joan Fontaine reminisces about the film, plays some games

Suspicion Poster French
Cary Grant Joan Fontaine
Feeling suspicious? There is a nice short clip from a 1979 CBC interview where Joan Fontaine discusses the 1941 film, Suspicion.

In the interview she talks about how the ending of the film was changed so that Cary Grant's character was not a murderer. 

She also tells us her real feelings about a hat she wore in the movie. 

Johnnie Aysgarth (Grant) called his wife, Lina (Fontaine) Monkey Face

Ms. Fontaine will be greatly missed by all of her fans.

("Who's that old biscuit face?" Grant's character asks in Mr. Lucky. Can't remember who he's talking about.)

Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine
1941 Hitchcock film, Suspicion 8x10 Photo

They play Anagrams in the movie. It's a game similar to Scrabble. Maybe someone close to you will let you know a secret while playing a game -- something they wouldn't tell you openly?? :)

Joan Fontaine appeared on the classic panel game show
What's My Line? at least twice, in 1954 and 1973.

Rebecca Judith Anderson, Joan Fontaine
8X10 Photo

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