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10 Famous TV Dads: George Jetson: Costume Ideas

The Number 3 Famous TV Dad on the list is George Jetson from The Jetsons, the first cartoon dad on the list. There are so many famous television fathers. People have suggested a lot of them, some of them loved, some of them not particularly loved, but memorable just the same. :-)

This is a list of fathers on TV who are not only memorable but costume-worthy. Their look has to be recognizable. The Jetsons premiered on September 23, 1962 going through March of 1963. The show actually ran twice.  

We met the Jetsons 50 years ago this as of 2012!

The second run was September 16, 1985 – November 12, 1987. We can celebrate a big Jetsons anniversary in September since both of the premieres were this month and 2012 is their 50th anniversary! He has not aged a bit, lucky guy. I doubt he's had anything done. Must be that space air...

The Jetsons George Jetson Adult Costume is a jumpsuit style costume. 

It does not include the wig or shoes. To top off the look you can use orange temporary hairspray color or a wig. 

The Billionaire Wig is a fun wig to top off the costume, it's a complementary color, and will also work for a Donald Trump costume. "You're Fired!"

He was married to Jane. Dad to teen-aged daughter Judy and young son, Elroy. Rosie the Robot was their maid.

Start up your own family spaceship with your keys on a sweet Jetsons keychain. George and Jane were the perfect couple.

Jetsons costumes are great for a space party and nostalgic family costumes. For that 1960s or 80s Costume Party, this will surprise them and may just have you up on the podium waiting to receive a prize in the costume contest!

The Jetsons was a space tv show, around the same time as programs like Lost in Space, My Favorite Martian and I Dream of Jeannie, where Major Anthony Nelson was an astronaut. At the time, no one had ever heard of Star Wars or Buzz Lightyear

The American space program was big news, as was space exploration. In 1962, the year The Jetsons premiered, John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth aboard the Atlas rocket, the Friendship 7. Space themed toys were also the newest rage for kids. 

From what I can tell by research (and memory) color television was becoming more commonplace in the US in the mid- and late 1960s. Do you remember seeing the Jetson family in black and white?

If you're going to portray George Jetson for Halloween, you can add his famous catch phrase, "Jane, stop this crazy thing!"

The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones DVD
In 1987 the Jetsons and The Flintsones met in a special animated feature! The modern stone-age families, the Flintsones and the Rubbles were zapped into the future.

Have a TV Theme Song challenge. How many theme songs do you know? 

Get astronaut costumes for Halloween or a Space party
If life is going too fast for you, why not get your very own Jane, stop this crazy thing! T-shirt.

Astronaut Costumes & DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouses:

Be an Astronaut, A Spaceman

Build a Cardboard Rocket or a Pirate Ship

What other TV Dads will be on the list
of costume-worthy Papas? 
Who do you think belongs on the list?

** This 10 Famous TV Dads Costume Ideas Series began with Andy Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show. The dads are in no particular order.

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