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10 Famous TV Dads : Costume Ideas : Number One

Number One is Mayberry's own Sheriff Andy Taylor. Maybe you're going out to a Halloween party, staying home to greet trick or treaters or you're going out trick or treating with your family and friends. You may want to be part of a group costume. Iconic tv costumes are always a hit.

The Andy Griffith Show is an all-time classic. It makes us think of simpler times.

This year the sheriff costume may be even more popular than ever. Do you think you could dress up like Andy Taylor?

Andy and his son, Opie had a sweet relationship. He was a single dad who always seemed to figure out just what to do.The Dads and their respective costumes will be posted separately on different days.

If your friend wanted to dress up like Barney Fife. Give Barney a pad of paper so he can hand out tickets?

Maybe someone wants to dress like southern lawyer, Matlock (how would that costume look?!) that would be fun! Dress like Opie or Ron Howard's character Richie Cunningham from Happy Days? Confusing.

The Andy Griffith Show poster print is temporarily unavailable

Sheriff Shirt Adult Men's Costume
The Sheriff Shirt Adult Men's Costume includes graphics.

Choose your Sheriff's Metal Badge, because a lawman isn't a lawman without his badge

Choose accessories and other items to round out your costumes: Cowboy hat or police hat, slacks, gun, handcuffs and more.(Andy famously did not carry a gun but Barney carried a gun and kept a bullet in his shirt pocket.)

Hankering for Mayberry? 
Have an Andy-a-thon with the DVD set:

Dress up like Aunt Bee and Thelma Lou, Gomer Pyle who worked at the filling station. Serve pickles and apple pie. Moonshine? You didn't hear that here.

Floyd Lawson wore a Classic White Barber Jacket. Can you talk like Floyd? Well, yeeesss!

Ernest T. Bass was a wildman, throwing rocks and literally picking up ladies. He was a nut! You'll definitely need a cap and vest to go over your shirt and pants. The characters are famous. Many of these costumes can be thrift store or shop your closet fun.

Dress up like the small town sheriff and bring some humor, charm and nostalgia to your gathering.

If you're wearing your costume in the daytime, for instance to Boo at the Zoo, you may need some cool lawman style aviation sunglasses. Look for some Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Sunglasses. They provide UV 400 protection. You can find the style below that was introduced to American Pilots in the 1930s and are great for men and women. What color and style works best for you? Count on quality.

Find Movie, TV Character Costumes and More 

on the Dress Up Halloween Costumes Page

The annual Mayberry Days 2013 are being held September 26-29 in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Visit the festival for loads of fun inspired by the popular tv show! Guests include actors who appeared on the program. Betty Lynn, who played Thelma Lou, is expected to appear.

There are opportunities to dress like the famous and beloved characters we remember. The Ernest Tee Golf Tournament. This year is bound to be a lot of fun and particularly poignant. If you can't go to Mount Airy, why not have your own Mayberry Days wherever you are?

A statue of the Mayberry characters, Andy and Opie, was constructed in Pullen Park in Raleigh, North Carolina 2003.

Anyone trying to steal candy?! Take all the good stuff and leave the bad candy for the rest of us who come later? Tell them you mean business as soon as you open the door. HEY! Nip it in the bud!!

Check out a post on the Lost and Found episode of The Andy Griffith Show : Remember when Aunt Bee lost that antique brooch?

What other TV Dads will be on the list
of costume-worthy Papas? 
Who do you think belongs on the list? 

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