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Best Actor Best Actress Oscar Winners Decade-Half Decade

List of Academy Award Winners
for Best Actor and Best Actress
Awards presented on the
Decade and Half Decade

Awards presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)

November 5, 1930: The 3rd Academy Awards honors films screened and
Irving Thalberg with wife Norma Shearer
and Mr. & Mrs. Clark Gable at the screening
of the MGM production David Copperfield 1935
released August 1, 1929-July 31, 1930.

George Arliss : Disraeli 
Norma Shearer : The Divorcee 
[Shearer was double nominated in the Best Actress category also nominated for her work in Their Own Desire]

February 27, 1935: The 7th Academy Awards, honoring the best in film for 1934.
Clark Gable : It Happened One Night
Claudette Colbert : It Happened One Night

The Academy standardized the practice that the award eligibility period for a film would be the preceding calendar year.

Vivien Leigh wins Oscar for Gone With the Wind

February 29, 1940: The 12th Academy Awards ceremony, honored the best in film for 1939.
Robert Donat : Goodbye, Mr. Chips 
Vivien Leigh : Gone With the Wind

*The next year (the awards presented 1941) would begin the tradition of keeping the names of winners secret until the ceremony, with sealed envelopes and the famous phrase: "May I have the Envelope, please."

March 15, 1945: The 17th Academy Awards marked the first time this awards ceremony was broadcast nationally on the ABC Radio network.
Bing Crosby : Going My Way
Ingrid Bergman : Gaslight

Olivia de Havilland
March 23, 1950: The 22nd Academy Awards Ceremony awarded Oscars for the best in films in 1949. This was the last year for which all five Best Picture nominees were in black and white
Broderick Crawford All the King's Men
Olivia de Havilland – The Heiress

Marlon Brando
March 30, 1955: The 27th Academy Awards honored the best films produced in 1954
Marlon Brando : On the Waterfront
Grace Kelly : The Country Girl 

April 4, 1960: The 32nd Academy Awards honored film achievements of 1959.
Charlton Heston : Ben-Hur
Simone Signoret : Room at the Top

April 5, 1965: The 37th Academy Awards honored film achievements of 1964.
Rex Harrison : My Fair Lady
Julie Andrews : Mary Poppins

April 7, 1970: The 42nd Academy Awards were presented
John Wayne : True Grit
Maggie Smith : The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie  

Art Carney wins Best Actor Oscar

April 8, 1975: The 47th Academy Awards were presented
Art Carney : Harry and Tonto
Ellen Burstyn : Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

April 14, 1980: The 52nd Academy Awards were presented
Dustin Hoffman : Kramer vs. Kramer
Sally Field : Norma Rae

March 25, 1985: The 57th Academy Awards were presented
F. Murray Abraham : Amadeus
Sally Field : Places in the Heart

March 26, 1990: The 62nd Academy Awards ceremony honored the best films of 1989
Daniel Day-Lewis : My Left Foot
Jessica Tandy : Driving Miss Daisy

March 27, 1995: The 67th Academy Awards ceremony
Tom Hanks : Forrest Gump
Jessica Lange : Blue Sky

March 26, 2000: The 72nd Academy Awards ceremony honored films of 1999
Kevin Spacey : American Beauty
Hilary Swank : Boys Don't Cry

Jamie Foxx wins Best Actor Oscar

February 27, 2005: The 77th Academy Awards ceremony
Jamie Foxx : Ray
Hilary Swank : Million Dollar Baby

March 7, 2010: The 82nd Academy Awards ceremony honored the best films of 2009
Jeff Bridges : Crazy Heart
Sandra Bullock : The Blind Side

February 22, 2015: The 87th Academy Awards ceremony will honor the best films of 2014
There are five nominees for Best Actor and five nominees for Best Actress

** How many actors have won Oscars for playing real-life characters? 

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