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Staying fit the old Hollywood way - classic stars exercise photos

Exercise your right to be fit
and glamorous like a star

Exercise is good for us. It can be fun, aid in weight loss and keep sickness at bay. Get out in the fresh air. An Old Hollywood photo essay, actresses at play, and exercising. The stars can give some ideas of great exercises we can do to stay fit, trim and looking mahvelous. What tips do you have?

Rosalind Russell Marie Wilson Orig 8x10 photo
Check with your doctor to be sure
you're able to handle the exercise regimen you plan to undertake.

Start a little at a time. That's best for your body and your self confidence.
Make sure you're eating well and getting enough sleep.

Gail Patrick 8x10 Original Photo
Work on having a positive Self Image

Judy Garland Ziegfeld Girl 1941 balancing books on head
Good posture is not only for the sake of appearance but health and self confidence
with Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner, Eve Arden
Bette Davis 8x10 glossy Photo
Do what you can to give up unhealthy habits like smoking 

Merle Oberon Interval 1973 8X10 Photo
Just take the stairs more often
and you'll be doing a good thing for your body

Rita Hayworth exercising 8x10" Photo

Joan Blondell A little rope climbing in heels- 11x14
Photograph Master Print High Quality

The right kind of footwear is important.
If you're serious about your exercise
vs your photo shoot vs a
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (by Trace Adkins)

 look into what's best to wear.
Joan Crawford 8x10" Photo

Scene from The Women 1939, Rosalind Russell, Joan Fontaine calisthenics

Leave the car at home: Ride a bicycle
Doris Day Fine Art Paper Print
13x19 inches

Many of us are choosing to bike to our destinations
rather than take the car.
This is great exercise and it helps the environment.
Marilyn Monroe 8x10 Photograph High Quality
These days though, a stylish and smart bike helmet
is not only a good idea but it's often the law.
Your commuter train or bus may have room for bicycles.

Exercise can be a fun sport that you enjoy
How about tennis?
Barbara Stanwyck tennis fun 8x10 Photograph

Jean Harlow 8x10 Photograph

Lana Turner tennis court, racket,Beverly Hills,CA
E Thiesen,1940

Take lessons if you need to know how to play the sport.

Deanna Durbin Fine Art Paper Print 13x19 inches
Skating and Skiing are sports to get us outside in the wintertime

Doing work around the house and yard
is a great form of exercise

Yard work, gardening, housework, play with the kids, take a walk
Donna Reed very tidy 8x10 photo

Joan Fontaine does a little yard work
11x14 Photograph Master Print High Quality
Housework: Carole Lombard and William Powell
My Man Godfrey
8x10" Photo

"Remember, nobody smiles doing housework but those ladies you see on TV.
Your mommy hates housework. Your daddy hates housework, I hate housework too. And when you grow up, so will you. ...
Children, when you have a house of your own, make sure, when there's house work to do, that you don't have to do it alone. Little boys, little girls, when you're big husbands and wives, if you want all the days of your lives to seem sunny as summer weather make sure, when there's housework to do that you do it together!"
-- excerpt from Housework, Carole Channing, Free to Be You and Me

Eventually you'll probably get curious and weigh yourself

Claudette Colbert 16x20 Photograph High Quality
Glamorous weigh-in

Susan Hayward 8X10 Photo
Try taking off your shoes before weighing in.

Ginger Rogers Original Bachrach Pinup Photo
Follow the Fleet, 1937

What's your favorite pastime?
There's the wife-carrying competition. Just get up and get moving. :)

Original photo - Katharine Hepburn

There were several photos of Katharine Hepburn playing sports,
tennis and golf, even shooting a gun. But this is a fun photo.
She's wearing a gown while apparently throwing a man across the room. 

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Our beautiful idols had to exercise too.
Hoping these photos will be of interest and serve as some inspiration.
For equal time a photo page of male stars of the era working out will be next
when enough pics are gathered.

It's too bad that, when putting together a photo spread like this,
one in good humor in a particular scenario,
images of minority actresses such as those who are African American, are very hard to find. 

We have just so much time and available resources but always try to be inclusive and open-minded.

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