Friday, February 5, 2010

Twilight : Same Name Game

Same Name Game: Twilight

The premise of the Same Name 'Game' is that I find other items on Etsy that I like that happen to have the same name as pieces of jewelry that I've created.

This time, I've chosen my necklace called Twilight. It features large polished agate beads, freshwater pearls, a faceted genuine Swarovski crystal and copper beads. Making a nice statement, it's a necklace you can wear without its wearing you, as they say.

Two of the pieces I found on Etsy have this name and mirror both the mood and spirit of twilight.

Alcat2021 will buy Converse shoes for you and paint them as you order. There pair that caught my eye was Edward and Edward on Converse Hi-tops from the Twilight series. 

Acrylic and special glitter paint makes each pair a real work of art and attention-getter. The quotes on the shoes may be changed.

An assortment of materials were brought together to create this pretty scarf and its colors would look pretty against most skin tones. 

The warm colors will brighten up a winter day or evening -- including twilight time.

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