Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Diamonds, Everybody Loves Raymond, Tuesday Flashback Feature

A sort of Valentine's Day themed Tuesday Flashback Feature today about an engagement ring. In this series, we reminisce about classic TV shows usually from the 1950s-1970s where gemstones or jewelry is featured prominently in the storylines.

Everybody Loves Raymond
                                           Feb. 7, 1997

Ten years ago, Ray (Ray Romano) bought his wife, Debra (Patricia Heaton) an engagement ring from a family friend. He got what seemed like a good deal at the time. Now he finds out that this guy has been arrested and the diamonds he'd been selling were counterfeit.

Ray plans to get the ring away from Debra, change the fake stone with a real diamond and she'll never know the difference. He attempts to get the ring off while she's sleeping, but it won't budge. 

He finds it on the sink when she's in the shower, grabs it and rushes off to switch the stones. She thinks she's lost the ring and he plays along with it. When he gets the ring back, he finds it in the couch and she's elated.

Noticing that the ring looks different, she's suspicious and irritated. He tells her what happened and she confesses that she'd had the original stone replaced with grandmother's more valuable heirloom diamond earlier! The couple ends up hunting for what was thought to be the fake diamond in a dumpster!

Baseball record-breaker Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants makes a guest appearance in this episode. The appearance was made before he broke the home-run record.

Each Tuesday, we'll feature a different show, often a US sitcom. Information, including spoiler plot outlines come from various sources.

Particularly when the episode hasn't been viewed personally recently, information is as accurate as possible. When available, a show photo will be included.

I'm always interested to hear your memories and will often include links so you can get DVDs of the shows. In the interest of supporting fellow artists, I'll be featuring a few shops where the items tie into the general theme of the featured story.

This episode is in Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete First Season of the show, available on DVD. They also have Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series in a boxed set now.

Everybody Loves Raymond is originally ran from 1996 to 2005. A Chris Rock show had a title that parodied this show's title. Rock said, "Everybody Loves Raymond but Everybody Hates Chris!"

There's always a nice and fun assortment of items on Etsy that somehow play into the episode's theme.

1960 Topps Baseball Vintage Cards including Johnny Romano (Earl Battey, Jim Perry, Dick Hall and Raul Sanchez, too) are at AtticEmporium. (see above)

There are Ice Age 3 movie bottle cap images in Chunkeemonkee's Shop. Ray Romano did voice work in that movie.

We know that everybody loves Raymond, but did you know that Peas, Peas, Everybody Loves 'em?? Just visit Studiomusings and find what's described as "A vegetarian wind chime that screams, I eat peas, and I am proud of it!"

TraceyAnns has a pretty Daher Cover Tin: Heaton's Swiss Cream Caramels. (see above)

By heidishaulis on Etsy

Looking for Liz Lemon Office Decor? Stellabystar has a Giant Vintage Wooden Fork and Spoon. The description has a quote from Everybody Loves Raymond: Marie to Debra, "Debra, don't let a suitcase full of stinky cheese become your big fork and spoon."

Debra took the ring off of her finger while she was in the shower. I wonder if in the future, she'd like some vegan Skeleton Finger Oatmeal soap? It's available at SELFinflictedDIY's Shop.

I don't know if this kitty was arrested for selling fake diamonds, but he's in trouble, as the description says. Heidishaulis will hook you up with Naughty Charlie. (see above)

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