Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Eyeglasses: I see what you're saying

One thing I really liked about the personal style of Leanne Marshall, the winner of season five of the show Project Runway, was her glasses.

It wasn't just that she wore a cool pair of glasses, but that she wore glasses at all! The photo I found first, on Bravo and Amazon, shows her without the glasses.

We're inundated with makeover shows, make-under shows and almost inevitably if the subject is wearing glasses they'll come out the other end in contact lenses or having had some sort of corrective eye surgery.

The glasses have go to go. It's usually an unsaid 'fact of life.' To be deemed as hip, younger-looking, trendy, acceptable I guess, toss the specs? They're finally letting some grey hair pass through. And bald can be beautiful. Hail baby boomers for that.

If something as innocuous as wearing glasses is not tolerated, imagine that for some reason you stand out even more. What if you are overweight? You have a disability? Something they can't just toss away to make you appear to be more a part of normal society?

I found an article online called You think those glasses are ‘ironic’? How short-sighted. Some folks are wearing glasses now just for fashion. They use clear glass lenses.

Big sunglasses are back in style. When I was in high school, big glasses were a fad, partly thanks to Elton John. For a while you might see some huge, novelty glasses on the street. When I go to get new frames, I'm happy to see (way out of my price range) some designers are creating eyeglass frames.

It's interesting to watch awards shows. You see some celebrities nervously whip out a pair of glasses to read a cue card and then quickly hide them away again.

KarolinFelix on Etsy had a cute brooch called Pink Glasses.

How many celebrities can you think of who wear glasses? John Lennon was the first one who came to mind for me. TV characters?

There was a famous episode of The Brady Bunch devoted to Jan Brady's struggles getting used to wearing glasses.

But the recycling and upcycling movement has brought a new style into eyeglasses. People are now wearing one of a kind glasses, having them made from frames found in antique shops for instance. The frames have to be in good enough shape for use and I've heard that warranties on upcycled glasses may be different if you BYOF, bring your own frames?

Do you wear glasses? Do you have a choice? Have you been able to choose some frames that are fashionable, cool, stylish?

What's you opinion of the wearing of glasses by people who don't need them?

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  1. I wear glasses NOW (middle age yikes!)so I splurged on a pair of Chanel frames (they were a splurge even with the 50% off friend and family discount coupon and lens crafters) but the result is I always feel tres chic when I wear them!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I try to get some nice frames, too and notice when someone else has some glasses that I really like.


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