Monday, February 8, 2010

Pieces of jewelry that you wear every day?

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you wear every day? Something besides your watch or wedding ring? 

I have a special interest in items of jewelry or clothing that people wear, items have some special significance. Is it an heirloom? Does it represent something symbolically? Did you acquire it at a significant time in your life, did someone special give it to you? I wear my Mother's wedding ring. I also have some of my husband's hair (from the days when it was all brown! :-) ) in a locket behind his photo.

What a piece is made of may be important. Many people are interested in the lore such as the reputed healing properties of gemstones and metals. Jewelry incorporating shards of items broken in disasters, fibers from old clothing or miniature images can be held close as if we were holding onto moments of time.

I'm working on a short series about mourning jewelry as I think it falls under the umbrella of transitional jewelry.

These daily items take on a significance. My Mom's ring reminds me of her. If I have a surgical procedure, I hand my husband my rings beforehand. It's as if they're a part of you.

Pieces of fiction have been written about people's selling important and personal items of jewelry for the good of the family. It's a universal feeling.

I knew someone once who lost a piece that she wore every day. The solution was to get a tattoo in the same shape. Jewelry can be a memory and can become a talisman.

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