Monday, January 25, 2010

NicoDesigns: Where it's always the season for lovebirds

NicoDesigns is a special Etsy shop not only because of the cute and creative items that are sold there. It's also special because a percentage of the profits are donated to The Ronald McDonald House in Temple and to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston.

Many of our lives have somehow been touched by cancer and by making a purchase at this shop, aside from getting one of her lovely items, you can also be making a bit of a difference in people's lives.

I like her love birds and the pear pincushions crafted from recycled fabrics. They're charming enough to give as gifts and leave out on a shelf.

Gertie, The Obsessed Art Doll made me smile. I like art dolls in general, and at NicoDesigns you'll find some clever ones.

Her blog, also called NicoDesigns, is worth visiting, a clean and informative site with projects and tips.

I particularly liked the information on Japanese patterns. I've got some beautiful Japanese wire and beading books but am not really sure of all the instructions or how to translate them.

Just like in her shop, her blog has an assortment of goodies, and you'll probably enjoy them all.

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