Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gathering Snowflakes

Growing up on the east coast, snowflakes sometimes meant an early weekday morning, sitting anxiously by the radio. You're in your boots and heavy winter coat and hoping, hoping to hear the announcer say that your school was closed due to the snow. Yippee!

You could build a snow fort or make snow angels or go get that metal saucer and slide down the hill. Maybe times like those are part of why I like snowflakes as a motif as much as I do. They're sort of like memories.

When looking for some pretty snowflake-themed items on Etsy, the hard part was finding just a few to feature in a blog post. You cold create a never-ending list of snowflakes!

The first one that caught my eye was a snowflake in name only. It's an original photo of a sweet white cat called Snowflake in the Window from Donnapool's Shop.

AStonesThrow has a corduroy pleated purse in pink with subtle snowflakes.

Spittintoad's Midnight Frost Neck Warmer features handmade snowflake ceramic buttons. The yarn used is a wintry combination of colors with metallic thread woven through for sparkle.

Finally, you can get a personalized One In A Million Snowflake Bowl from Elmstudiosonline.

So even if you've never made snow angels, never had snowflakes on your eyelashes or never had cold snowflakes tickling you down inside your winter boots.... You can still love the pretty images of snowflakes that artists create.

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