Friday, January 15, 2010

The Locket, Tuesday Flashback Feature, All in the Family

This is part of my Tuesday Flashback Feature. We reminisce about classic TV shows usually from the 1950s-1970s where gemstones or pieces of jewelry featured prominently in the storylines.

All in the Family
The Locket
November 25, 1972

Edith can't find the gold heirloom locket that her grandmother gave to her on her deathbed. Grandma also told her not to marry Archie. Archie wants to report the locket missing so he can collect the insurance money.

Even though he has to lie and say that the necklace was stolen while filling out the report, he's so confident that he'll get the insurance money, how much it's worth plus extra for sentimental value, he orders a new $300 color television set to be delivered to his house immediately.

He then runs into problems when an agent comes over to verify the claim. It turns out that his greed got the better of him in this situation and the ending has something of a twist.

Lockets tend to be used in storylines particularly when they want something that has an heirloom and a special emotional and historical as well as monetary value.

Aunt Bee's heirloom brooch went missing on The Andy Griffith Show and they collected an insurance check for that. There was some resulting mayhem, as you might recall.

This week's Hairy Situation article is also about an episode of All in the Family.  Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig.  Gloria's brunette wig turns her husband on very much. He's sleeping on the couch and she's very insulted!

You can get All In the Family: The Complete Third Season on DVD at Amazon.

They also have the entire series, All in the Family Seasons 1-6 Bundle. No network ads or watermarks, no commercials. Remember how tv used to be.

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, a limited edition DVD gift set comes with a locket. And please check out Angelina Ballerina: The Silver Locket.

Each Tuesday, we'll feature a different show, often a US sitcom. Information, including spoiler plot outlines come from various sources.

Particularly when the episode hasn't been recently viewed personally, information will be as accurate as possible. When available, a show photo will be included.

Please note: The Etsy shops mentioned may be out of business, many of the items may be sold out. Thanks for their letting me feature and discuss them here.

I know what you're thinking. You'd like a locket of your own now. Maybe another locket to add to your collection?

There's a Sterling Silver Photo Ball, Locket For Six Pictures that you might like.

Basilthecat has a Shooting Stars Vintage Locket Necklace that will hold four pictures. (above)  

A vintage photo titled Uncle Ed and Aunt Edith can be seen over at MustyBoxesEphemera. (right)

A nice graphic Mike Brand Indian River FLorida Grapefruit Crate Label which I bet Mike Stivic would like is at LABELSTONE. (below)

Dress up the little one's tootsies in a pair of Edith Cloth Baby Shoes.

Try to remember where your lockets are at all times or Archie might come over and try to work out a deal that you may regret later....

One image from sitcomsonline

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