Friday, July 3, 2009

Wild Blue Yonder, Same Name Game

It's nearly Independence Day in the US, so for this Same Name Game, I thought I'd highlight Wild Blue Yonder.

The premise of the Same Name 'Game' is that I look to see what other items on Etsy have the same name as pieces of jewelry that I've created
. [Please write/post a comment for information on any of the jewelry you see on this page images and designs (c) ImagineMDD]

My Wild Blue Yonder necklace is sterling silver, aqua Swarovski crystal and Italian glass. The color is vivid and so pretty. I love the sparkle of Swarovski.

I remember when I was in the bead shop and walked by these glass cubes and had to go over and take a closer look. I just love them. The crystals and the glass beads went together perfectly.

I experiment playing with color, with tonal differences, pieces in the same basic color but some components transparent, some opaque, some translucent.

This is a wonderful piece showing off vivid colo
r, different shapes and incorporating the smooth texture of those cube glass beads. Yum.

I found a skirt on Etsy that also combines pretty blue colors and cool textures. It's modern in how it's upcycled, recycled and sustainable. The skirt is called Off Into The Wild Blue Yonder She...

It's in blossomnbird's Shop. Her shop is so cute, consisting of clothes, original art, accessories and fabric dolls. You'll really enjoy your visit.

It's when you mix and match materials that you often get the prettiest and most unique pieces.


  1. Thanks for featuring my Wild Blue Yonder skirt :D
    I agree that sometimes the best results come when a mix of materials are used; my favourite way to work!
    Sweetest Wishes
    Karen :)

  2. Thanks for the comment. Your work is beautiful. :) Not only does it give the artist more to work with, but it can bring out the butterfly in the person who gets to wear the creation. And if the item is made from upcycled materials, that's the best all around.


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