Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We're trying to get this feisty blog onto something vaguely resembling a schedule. The Taming of the Blog is a big endeavor.

My goal is to do more features on
my jewelry pieces, and let you in on my process and inspiration. Those things are important and I hope will be of interest to other people.

The different series, particularly the Transition-inspired jewelry usually comes from my own experiences or those of people I meet, challenges we all face. I plan to show more of that and how it impacts the jewelry I make. When someone's life story inspires a design, I may be talking about it here.

In what ways do people choose to commemorate milestones in their lives? I'm looking into different things folks do around the anniversaries of events such as a significant loss, a diagnosis, etc. Planting special gardens, significant tattoos, parties and rituals. What do we do so that events don't go by unacknowledged?

The acoustic guitar half of our business is going strong and we're going to chronicle that more and more, too. Watch for information including photos of Francois' Misenti-Despres Designs (MDD) guitars and his working in the studio.

Fran also upcycles salvaged and leftover 'scrap' wood. using it for beautiful art furniture, and he's made me some useful items such as a designer holder for my beading wire. He made my jewelry bench. There may be a feature on some of that in the future.

Info about the arts in general will be ongoing. Artist profiles, bits about upcoming events, different styles and media out there. I'm working on a series of posts about artists who use nontraditional materials in their artwork and another series about different types of public and guerrilla art.

I enjoy featuring other artists whose work I admire. One way is with the infamous Same Name Game. :-)

There'll be a regular cycle of posts on disability issues. One of the focuses of my jewelry is that it be more wearer-friendly for all women, and I'm always looking for happenings with other disabled artists or interesting stories to feature.

I have plans for more posts on aging, similar to the previous ones on Croning and Kanreki ceremonies and caring for our aging relatives.

Finally there will be some just fun stuff. More British comedy, videos, photos, scavenger hunts, giveaways, you never know.

I very much appreciate everyone who's visited the blog.

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