Friday, May 15, 2009

San Francisco Artists in Residence-Recycling & Disposal, Tour de Trash in Honolulu

Talk about Upcycling....

San Francisco Recycling & Disposal has an Artists in Residence program. Their next art show is on May 15 & 16, 2009. They say that the goal of the Artists in Residence program is "to use art to inspire people to recycle more and conserve natural resources."

One of the featured artists will be Bill Basquin, whose work, he says, includes "images from the series Fruits Uneaten and Now Past Their Prime. ... Depictions of citrus peels generally indicate fruits that I did eat." Photo is from his web site.

I previously did a blog post about the upswing in green and recycle fashion including a small Earth Day show calendar. Recycle, upcycled artwork is a big thing as well, and hooray for that. If you would like to apply for the San Francisco program they have information at their web site.

Opala is the Hawaiian word for garbage. The Honolulu Department of Environmental Services has a multi-part Tour de Trash, where people can become more familiar with what happens to the things that we throw away. It all helps so much with our awareness of how we might better conserve and reuse our resources.

I'd be interested to hear of other recycling or upcycling art shows, fashion shows or opportunities out there so we can all find out about them.

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