Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Symbols of June, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

I'm a proud new member of the EtsyBloggers Team! What a great idea for a team! This is my first post for their Blogathon, Blog Carnival. So step right up, grab a ticket, come on behind the curtain, don't be shy. I'll do my very best to get this right. :)

This time the Carnival suggestion was symbols for the month of June. They mentioned June birthstones, pearls and moonstone, and the flower, the rose. Wow. As a June baby myself, and a jewelry designer who adores pearls, this was the best greeting I could have received!

But then it said any other symbols associated with June so I'm going to stretch my June-themed carnival post to something else that I always think of once June rolls around, another passion of mine. June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month in the US. The San Francisco Examiner has an article with cats who are up for adoption and other local web sites most likely have done the same. (Image from their site. Cute kitties.)

I don't think people should ever bring a pet into your home without first giving it a lot of thought. But if you and your family have been considering it, this may be a good time to drop by your local shelter and see who might be there waiting for you. Cats are great companions, they can be stress-busters and they can help to remind us that we're all beautiful.

Our last shelter cat, a wonderful black kitty, we adopted in 1986 and he lived for 22 years, a few moves, a few different houses. We miss him terribly. They say that black cats are the hardest cats to place and they have to be most careful placing them.

It''s a big commitment. Once he was 16 we had images of Toonces, the cat who could drive a car. (Saturday Night Live in the early 90s) When he turned 21, we worried that he'd want to start drinking! It could be the start of a wonderful relationship.

June is a great month for pearls and roses and for cats. Meow

Ten good reasons for adopting a shelter cat ...

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