Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Same Name Game: Vintage Spring

Ah, Springtime. The premise of the Same Name 'Game' is that I look to see what other items on Etsy have the same name as pieces of jewelry that I've created. [Please write/post a comment for information on any of the jewelry you see on this page images and designs (c) ImagineMDD]

The Vintage Spring I had in mind with my necklace was a wine fount. The time of gathering the crop of grapes or making the wine for a season. Is there an Art & Wine experience in your future? Maybe just a nice glass of wine? :-)

Not unexpectedly, I found several other pretty items on Etsy with the same or similar names. The one I chose to feature is Vintage Spring Green Flower Pins from jodifrench's shop. This is a trio of pins created from fancy upcycled fabrics and vintage beads and handpainting. These are clever, eco-friendly, really pretty and how you wear them is up to you.

Something to say Springtime. She makes some nice and unique pieces and I'd suggest a stop by her shop to look around. We used to live in Ft. Myers, so it's a double treat!

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  1. Thanks for including me, your necklace is so pretty! The glass of wine sounds perfect. Same name game seems like a fun idea... I must try that! Do you have a large sea shell collection like I do?


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