Friday, April 22, 2011

5 California Bay Area Gardening Urban Farming Camps in honor of Earth Day

Five Nature, Gardening, Urban Farming Camps bay area, San Francisco, San Jose California 

Farm Camp. Growing your own food, teaching our kids respect for the earth and knowledge of where their food comes from is not only trendy these days, but it's wise. You may be taught about food from garden to table.
Here are some San Francisco, San Jose bay area California summer camps, day camps and workshops where kids and teens, sometimes adults, may get a taste of gardening and urban farming. Try volunteering, backyard farming, maybe an internship at a community farm or garden.
1) Children's Day School in San Francisco is holding a Cooking and Gardening Day Camp. Each day will begin with morning chores and harvesting at the urban farm and garden.

Great parent/customer reviews, it even has a working radio

2) City Slicker Farms in Oakland has unpaid internships. The internships are an "opportunity to deepen your knowledge of food justice, to build your gardening skills, and to provide much needed support to City Slicker Farms' mission of increasing food self-sufficiency in West Oakland."

3) Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale has a Kids Summer Farm Camp. " Whether it's learning about vermiculture (worms!), concocting an edible soil snack, making a kite to learn about how seeds travel, pouring beeswax candles with a local beekeeper, or building a solar oven, kids will have the chance to get their hands dirty..."

4) Plantation Farm Camp in Sonoma. "Being on a real, working farm means you will have the chance to work with animals everyday and learn how to take care of them. This isn't a petting zoo -- you will really milk the cow, feed the chickens, and help shear the sheep."

5) Slide Ranch Summer Day Camp Muir Beach. "Campers are encouraged to touch, taste, smell, hear, observe, and ask questions. We focus on teaching respect for animals, plants, the earth and each other."

These are in no particular order and we have no affiliation with any of these programs.

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  1. Great post! As a mom, I'm very impressed with these schools making strides for kids to develop a relationship with what they eat and where it comes from! Love it!

    Yes to Carrots is doing something similar with a Yes to Seed Fund to help schools build gardens thru grants. Def having my son apply for this!



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