Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Specialty unusual chopsticks, the hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, holiday Christmas gifts sure to please

Are you a lover of Sushi? Seems like whenever we go on a trip, which is less often these days, we try to find out where the good sushi restaurants are in the town where we're visiting.

Happily, we have friends and family members who love sushi and other Asian foods, too. We're looking for some fun, unusual and amazing gifts (not too expensive) to give as Secret Santa presents and stocking stuffers for the holiday.

Crystal chopstick rests, Godinger set of 6 crystal knife and chopstick rests They will have guests at your next party oooohing and aaaahing. Will you get a set of them, one in each color, for a friend as a gift? A bouquet of them with sparkling pink crystals for the next wedding taking place around Valentine's Day? How special is that?!

Chopsticks in the style of Star Wars light sabres are sure to be a big hit with science fiction fans. They come in different colors and are attributed to different characters in the films. I found them created by a couple of different companies, Star Wars Chop Sabers - Luke Skywalker Blue Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks are just right for Luke Skywalker.

The Star Wars: Yoda EP6 Lightsaber Chopsticks come in different colors and are fully licensed.

There are chopsticks with Samurai sword handles for those of you who want to live dangerously. Chopsticks that light up. Some are in the shapes of bullet trains, The Hashi Tetsu Shinkansen Chopsticks Bullet train cutlery set.

Children's chopsticks and other training chopsticks are hinged or the hinges, Fred Chopstick Kids Chopsticks Holders, some in very cute shapes, are sold separately. Consider getting some to bring with you to restaurants with your own kids when they're just learning to use chopsticks.

Can you wear chopsticks in your hair?? Lucky you!

For your next dinner party, New Year's Eve gathering or event, holiday shopping, birthday giving or just to have at home for yourself, they're a wonderful idea. 

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