Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cow Moo Can Toys Despicable Me, Growlers, Criers and Squeakers oh my!

I've been researching the old cow moo can toys. It's not easy. Everyone seems to have a different name for the toys. They've made a resurgence in popularity, including a fun iPhone app!, thanks to the film, Despicable Me

Do you remember these toys? When I was a kid they were metal cans with lithographed paper labels with the picture of an animal. You turn them over and they'd make a sound like that animal. A cow, cat, goat, chick, etc. 

Similar-looking devices were placed inside figural salt and pepper squeakers. The criers in dolls often looked like them. How about Steiff growlers in stuffed bears?
Metlox of California had a limited run of Poppytrail animal-themed cookie jars with sound devices in their lids. Still trying to get more information on those. 

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