Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recycling Joy at Christmastime, Re-Gifting Love for the Holidays

Let everyone know that you're going to be Re-Gifting Love this Season.

Will you Recycle Love? Recycle Joy? Try it. You might like it.

Recycling is important all year long. Regifting is a popular topic particularly at this time of year.

It may be a hot topic of whispered conversation after a wedding, graduation or birthday, too.

I looked at the theories of recycling and regifting a little differently. Why not regift the good emotions, the goodness that people show to us? You can wear a shirt that expresses your intention to Regift Love this Season.

Change the wording as you choose. Re-Gift Laughter, Hugs, Joy, Patience, Tolerance. Be calm. Let the other guy have that parking space.

Choose your spelling of the infamous term, Re-Gift or Regift? Zazzle lets you amend the text as you like.

If it's all too much and you want to start small, there are little I'll be Re-Gifting Love pin-back buttons that you'll also find at our Zazzle shop. Maybe we could start by regifting, recycling smiles? Good place to start any time of year.

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