Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Woolly World of Felting

The Golden Shears, The World's Premier Shearing and Wool Handling Championships in Masterton, New Zealand is celebrating their 50 year anniversary March 3-6, 2010. This got me thinking about all things felt, felting and felted. You don't have to leave the community of Etsy to see great items. This isn't our mother's felting anymore.
As a jewelry designer myself, this gorgeous Anemone Ring with Air Plant jumped off the screen at me.  It was created by GingaSquid and featured faux bone, sterling silver, merino wool roving, silk threads, rough natural diamonds, UV resin and an air plant (Tilladsia Albida). Live a little.

RenJewels had the Felt flowers and balls necklace. It uses matching felt flowers and buttons as well as the felt balls.

This lightweight Nunofelted silk wrap in shades of the sea is by IndigoCrane. Four colors of merino wool roving are blended together through the feltmaking process. The fibers are felted through the silk in the center.

Previously loved wool sweaters have been upcycled to create this pretty felted Merino Wool Felt Cloche Hat by MarianneW.

Brooch .257 is constructed from "merino wool + synthetic felt + oval vintage cabochon + coral leaf cabochon + white glass boomerang bead + brass little bell + metal flower piece + felt bead + crochet cap." Check out Pirilamporiscado's Shop.

Abganor par felt oohlala is looking for a nice new home. Currently, she's in Budapest, Hungary in Feltoohlala's Etsy Shop. The decorative doll is made entirely from wool, needle felted by hand with no stuffing.

This Froggie phone pouch made to measure and Ingermaaike can make it specially to fit your phone. It is made all in one piece, so no seams to burst. It is thick felt so will protect your phone from bumps and small drops. The mouth closes by zipper so the phone is easy to take out. 

The Felt Plush Angler Fish by FeltedChicken is not only striking in appearance, but he lights up thanks to being battery operated. As the description says, it's "Creepy... Scary... but Wicked Cool! The Angler Fish is one of Mother Nature's real-life monsters!!"

Please note: Items may be sold out, shops may no longer be in business.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my ring! I LOVE that angler fish.

  2. Thank You for including my Angler Fish in your post Celebrating Felt! You have captured the wide variety of techniques & styles that artists can create with the amazing medium.

    Great collection of beautiful work, and I am humbled to be included!

  3. Totally awesome collection of the wide and very diverse possibilities of felt, thank you for selecting one of my things for showing that!


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