Monday, March 8, 2010

Discarded to Divine fashion San Francisco April 2010

I spent a large amount of this morning cleaning out drawers & closets. I pulled out clothes and shoes, bagging and boxing them up for Goodwill. 

I cringe as I part with some of the items. Some have sentimental value. Some I have to admit these hips will probably never squeeze into again and even if I did, would they be my style? So the too-small, the -- ahem -- too-big and as many more that I can are folded and bagged for those who can use them. 

I like to always advertise fashion shows with recycled, upcycled clothing. The Discarded to Divine show will be April 29th in San Francisco. 

Donated items, some of them damaged, are given to fashion designers who create new garments. These pieces are then auctioned off to raise money for the homeless. 

If you have the chance, please go and support these artists and this cause. The outfits are extraordinary and it's very inspirational.


  1. Hello! Discarded to Divine 2010 will actually be on April *29*th. It's shaping up to be a spectacular event!

    Thanks so much for advertising us! Tickets are still available and selling fast...

  2. Thanks for the information. The event sounds great!

  3. Oh we have to support those artist they are making well things! Congratulations!


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